One of the most exciting aspects of the closed beta for Valorant is the ability for players to create custom matches to play with others. However, members of the community have been running into an issue where they cannot leave the custom game they are playing. Fortunately, there are some methods you can take to get out of this match if this particular issue arises for you. 

How to Leave Valorant Custom Game

Now, the bug in question that causes the problem where players can not leave a custom match is where the "leave match" option does not show up on the menu when you click the settings button in the top left corner of your screen.

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You can find an example of what the menu should look like with the "leave match" option in the image below:

How to Leave Valorant Custom Game

Unfortunately, leaving the game and going to your desktop will not solve this problem, as the title will just send you back into the match you are trying to leave when you start the game back up. Luckily, players who run into this issue have a couple of options they can utilize to get out of the match they are currently locked in. 

One method that Valorant players can take is to go to the cheats section of the in-game menu when you press escape in the middle of a match. This cheats section is where you will find a button called "end game phase." Click on this button a few times, and it forces the custom match to play through and ultimately ends it, which will allow you to leave the match you have been stuck in. You will need to make sure that you have the cheats option enabled for the private match before you start playing if you want to be able to use this option.

 How to Leave Valorant Custom Game

Your other option for solving the problem of not being able to leave a custom game in Valorant is just to wait. Waiting and not doing anything at all will cause the game to think you are AFK and will eventually stop the private match due to inactivity. Players will then be put back at the main menu of the game and be able to play whatever they would like. 

Riot Games is likely working on a fix for this bug and will be trying to implement it so that no other players run into this problem. However, the methods above are your best to leave a custom game you no longer want to play but do not have the option to get out of through normal means. 

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