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LawBreakers – Gunslinger Tips

by Josh Hawkins

The Gunslinger is a highly trained specialist in LawBreakers, and learning to wield the power of this hero’s weapons can mean the different between success and utter defeat. While not one of the easiest characters to learn, the Gunslinger offers some unique abilities and weapons that make learning this hero well worth the time you’ll need to invest. In this article we’ll explore all the abilities, and offer a few Gunslinger tips to help you become a better player.

How to Play Gunslinger

The Gunslinger class in LawBreakers is an interesting mix between a revolver-wielding cowboy and a sniper, in that together the Gunslinger’s weapons can release the highest amount of DPS currently available in the game. Of course, if you aren’t a seasoned FPS player, then you may find this class a bit hard to play, so let’s go over a few things you should be aware of before diving in.

First, as the Gunslinger you don’t want to take on multiple enemies at once. Your strength is going to be in dealing with opponents in quiet situations. While you can survive in larger groups, the Gunslinger’s primary weapons aren’t conditioned for fast-paced CQC action as the Alpha (the primary weapon) is only a three-round burst pistol, and the Omega (the Gunslingers alternate primary) is a massive hand cannon that takes time to line up and fire.

As far as abilities go, the Gunslinger has quite a few at his disposal, one of the most useful of which is Warp, which allows the Gunslinger to teleport a short distance. This is great for evading enemy fire, or even getting out of sticky situations (or even into them). The Tac-knife is also a great ability, as it acts like both a throwing knife—dealing damage upon contact—and a proximity detector, as it marks all nearby enemies for the Gunslinger to find and take down.

Finally, the Gunslinger’s Ultimate—Equalizer—unleashes a barrage of bullets from both of his weapons, and basically tears any enemy to shreds. Of course, the biggest weakness the Gunslinger has is its inability to deal any type of AOE (area of effect) damage. This means you’ll have to hit all your shots if you want to stay in the battle, and you won’t be able to rely on simply “getting close”.

Stick to the shadows, pick enemies off from the sidelines, and make sure you make the most of the Gunslinger’s DPS abilities if you want to maximize your use with this class. While you can get up close and personal, we’d suggest avoiding direct encounters as much as possible, as the Gunslinger just isn’t made for those types of combat encounters.

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Josh Hawkins

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