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LawBreakers – Game Modes Explained

by Josh Hawkins

LawBreakers is a fast-paced twitch shooter that offers a lot of fun and enjoyment for players looking to return to the days of octane-fueled online FPS combat. While most of the game modes in LawBreakers are just variations of what we’ve seen in other games, some take new ideas and spin them in a massive loop. In this article we’ll take a look at all four of the game modes available in Lawbreakers, and help you understand what you should be doing in each one.


Uplink is one of the most chaotic game modes available in Lawbreakers, and wrapping your head around it might be a little tough at first. The main goal of the mode is to steal a device from the middle of the map, where you’ll no doubt have to fight off the enemy to capture it. Once you have it, you will need to take it all the way back to your base, where you will need to download all of the data off of the device. All in all you’ll have to defend it for about 20 seconds while you download the data, and if the enemy steals it, the entire thing will reset and you’ll have to start back over once you reacquire it. You need three points total to win the mode, and there is no overtime available.

Blitz Ball

We’ve already covered Blitz Ball pretty in-depth in our Blitz Ball guide, but for the sake of keeping things organized, let’s go over things briefly. In Blitz Ball, players will need to fight for and acquire a large ball in the center of the map. Once they have it, they must make their way into the enemy’s base and get the ball through their goal. The first team to eight points wins. Think of this as reverse capture the flag, but with only one flag.

Turf War

Turf War is Lawbreakers idea of “domination”, but with a lot more chaos involved. Three points are placed around the map (A, B, and C) and players will have to fight to take control of them. Once the game starts, all the points are neutral, and players will need to capture and defend them as the enemy tries to take them back. Each captured zone grants the team a point, and the first team who scores 16 points will win the game. If somehow things are tied up at 15/15 when the game end, an overtime section will begin, and the first team to 17 points will win.


Overcharge is another interesting and chaotic game mode, and while it’s very similar to Uplink, players shouldn’t get the two confused. In Uplink, the data resets whenever the enemy steals it, but in Overcharge, the charge on the battery remains the same, which means the enemy can easily sneak in and steal it from you, and only have to charge it a little to reach the Overcharge phase.

Overcharge works just like Uplink, in that players must steal the battery from the center of the map and bring it back to their base. Once at their base, the battery will charge up, and then once it is fully charged, they’ll need to defend it for another 20 seconds until it reaches overcharge and scores them a point. First team to 3 points wins the game.

That’s all you need to know about all four of the game modes currently available in Lawbreakers. While they all are similar, they offer much different gameplay and tactics—so be sure you know which mode you’re in and prepare for it as best you can. You should also head back over to our Lawbreakers guide for even more sweet Lawbreakers content.

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