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LawBreakers – Battle Medic Tips

by Josh Hawkins

Battle Medic is one of the most important roles available in LawBreakers, and a good Battle Medic can sometimes mean the difference between victory and defeat. If you want to become the best Battle Medic you can be, though, you’ll need to be willing to sacrifice yourself for the good of your team. In this article we’ll go over several important LawBreakers Battle Medic tips, and even offer some basic information about how you can use the Battle Medic’s abilities to win gun battles.

Battle Medic Overview

Learning to play as the Battle Medic in LawBreakers is a unique experience, as you’ll need to learn how to use their weapons offensively, while also learning how to make use of their abilities to help keep your teammates alive. It’s a delicate balance, and spending too much time on one side of it will hinder you as a Battle Medic player.

Like all of the roles in LawBreakers, Battle Medics are equipped with a Primary Weapon, Secondary Weapon, and three useable Abilities. These Abilities can be activated at any point when they are cooled down. The Lobber grenade launcher, which serves as the Battle Medic’s primary weapon, can easily be used to reign down explosive damage upon enemies. For those tight-knit situations, players can easily switch to the Firefly, a small energy pistol that is useful for finishing damaged enemies off, or pestering enemies into retreating.

Perhaps the most important aspects of the Battle Medic, though, are their Abilities. Armed with two Support Drones—which can be deployed to heal teammates that are low on health—the Battle Medic is the ideal combat medical specialist. Players can continue to play offensively, while also offering healing for their team. The Battle Medic’s “Ultimate” or sorts is the Defense Grid, which drops a protective dome that shields the player and fellow teammates from projectiles, while also healing any friendly players inside.

The Battle Medic’s main form of movement is the Hoverpack, which offers easy to utilize traversal gear that includes thrusters for vertical ascension. You can often use the Hoverpack to get between places quickly, flank around enemy’s back sides, or even simply score objective points in Blitzball by grabbing the ball and rushing to the goal.

Learning to play as the Battle Medic is all about practice, and learning when to switch between offensive and defensive capabilities. The nice thing about LawBreakers approach to the standard medic class, is that you won’t have to sacrifice offensive capabilities to be a good support player. Use your Lobber when dealing with large groups of enemies, or when fighting in larger areas where you can tick away at the enemy’s health.

If you find yourself moving to close quarters, make use of your kicking action, and switch over to your Firefly pistol to reduce the amount of damage you might deal to yourself with the Lobber. Learning how to aim the Lobber, and how to figure out where your enemy will go next is all part of the gun, and as you play the Battle Medic class, you’ll continue to improve with each match. To learn more about the game, be sure to check out our LawBreakers guide. Just picked it up? Take a look at our LawBreaker combat tips for some helpful advice for new players. 

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