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LawBreakers – Advanced Tips

by Josh Hawkins

LawBreakers is a fast-paced, action shooter that pits players against each other in ever-evolving arenas where the environment can change from normal to zero-G in the blink of an eye. If you want to become one of the best players around, you’re going to need to get a grip on the LawBreakers advanced tips that players must understand to succeed. In this article we’ll go over these LawBreakers advanced tips, and even talk about how you can combo ability attacks together to create devastating attacks against your foes.

This article will offer more in-depth information about some of the game’s lesser known features, like blindfire, comboing attacks, and other features that may be missed by the average player.

Advanced Combat Tips

There are several things that LawBreakers doesn’t really explain clearly for new players, and we’ve seen plenty of new users in the current beta struggling to hold their own in battle because they aren’t aware of these things. The first of these features is actually a very important part of the battle, and that’s Blindfiring.

Blindfiring is the act of shooting behind your character—over their shoulder—at enemies pursuing you. It’s not something we see made us of a lot, and it’s something that you should absolutely learn more about in the game. Blindfiring is useful for many reasons. For example, it can be used to deal damage to enemies as you retreat, effectively allowing you to remain in the fight despite removing yourself from the front line. It’s also really useful for getting around the map with certain roles, like the Titan, who can blindfire rockets behind them to proper themselves forward.

You can activate blindfiring on your role by pressing the Left Control button. This will cause you to shoot behind yourself, and while you may not hit an opponent, it can be a good way to provide covering fire as you retreat.

The second feature we want to talk about is something that many users don’t really think about when it comes to first person shooters, and that’s combos. Combos are when you take multiple attacks or abilities, and use them together to create an even stronger attack. Most of the time combos are really only applicable to fighting games or RPGs, but in LawBreakers, you can use combos to stop enemies in the tracks and annihilate them. One particularly powerful combo is the Assassin’s dash and sword attack. When used separately from anything else, the dash can be useful for getting around quite quickly. When used with an attack, though, the attack becomes stronger, and you close the gap between you and your enemy much quicker.

If you really want to become a pro at LawBreakers, you absolutely need to learn how to blindfire and how to combine attacks and abilities together. Practice with the different roles you enjoy playing as, and be sure to check out our LawBreakers guide for more help in the game. We also have a set of basic combat tips, in case you’re just starting out, so be sure to start off over there to get a grasp of the game’s basic mechanics.

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