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How to Get the Talmberg Armor and Escape Talmberg in Kingdom Come: Deliverance

by Prima Games Staff

Reaching the city of Talmberg in Kingdom Come: Deliverance may warrant a sigh of relief after the game’s frantic opening. While entering Talmberg is relatively easy, escaping Talmberg is a different story. There are a couple ways to get out of Talmberg, but the game doesn’t do much to help you figure out your options.

In this guide, we’ll explain how to escape Talmberg in Kingdom Come: Deliverance and how you can get your first armor set in the process.

How to Escape Talmberg in Kingdom Come: Deliverance

When you arrive in Talmberg during the Run! main story quest, you’ll meet several important characters including Sir Robard and Lady Stephanie. The two will help patch you up and give you a place to sleep.

After you grab something to eat from the kitchen and hit the hay, you’ll be woken up by Stephanie. She wants to chat about what happened back in Skalitz. This is your chance to increase your stats using dialogue choices.

Have an honest talk with Stephanie to increase your Charisma and Speech stats while gaining a valuable ally. Keep Stephanie in mind, as she can help you escape Talmberg later. A few cutscenes land some time spent on the battlements, you’ll eventually be ready to move on from your temporary lodgings in Talmberg.

Once you’ve finished your patrol duty on the battlements, speak to Sir Robard and tell him that you need to return home to Skalitz. He’ll decline your request regardless, so don’t bother trying too hard to persuade him.

After chatting with Robard, head through the courtyard. You’ll meet a Trader, but you probably don’t have much cash to spend anyway. Just take note of him for now and move on.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Escape Talmberg

To escape from Talmberg Castle in Kingdom Come: Deliverance, you have several options available. You can choose between jumping off the drawbridge, getting caught stealing, or disguising yourself as a Talmberg guard.

The latter option is the best way to get out of Talmberg, as it allows you to obtain the Talmberg Armor, your first armor set in Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

How to Get the Talmberg Armor 

To get the Talmberg armor in Kingdom Come, you must steal the armor from a locked chest at the end of the battlements, in the tower above the drawbridge.

If you’ve got lockpicks to spare, you can try your hand at unlocking the chest now if you’re confident in your lockpicking skills, but you may want to secure a backup plan instead. Either way, make sure to save your game by sleeping or using Savior Schnapps before trying to unlock the chest in case you get caught or run out of lockpicks.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Find the Talmberg Armor

Option 1: Talk to Lady Stephanie

Make your way back toward the main courtyard and head upstairs to the rooms in the long hallway above the kitchen. Stephanie is found inside one of the rooms in the hall. We found her praying in the last room on the right. 

When you find Stephanie, talk to her about your situation. Stephanie suggests you find a set of Talmberg Armor and escape from Talmberg disguised as a guard. Mention that you’re low on coin, and she’ll also give you 25 Groschen for free. She even comes up with a cover story for you to tell the guard at the gate. It’s really a brilliant plan.

After talking to Stephanie, sneak up to the tower where the Talmberg Armor chest is located, just upstairs before the drawbridge. Be sure to save before attempting to lockpick the chest. If you’re desperate for lockpicks, you can buy a couple from the Trader using the money Stephanie gave you.

Once you’ve obtained the Talmberg Armor, equip the pieces in the menu. One of the perks of this plan is that you can get a horse on your way out to help you make a quick getaway. When you reach the gate, speak to the guard using the cover story Stephanie planned for you, then gallop your way back to Skalitz.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Talmberg Armor Chest

Option 2: Talk to Guard Radim

Alternatively, you can also speak with a guard named Radim to initiate the Talmberg Armor quest. Radim is standing beside the front gate. After explaining your predicament, you can either bribe or persuade Radim for his cooperation. He’ll mention where to find the Talmberg Armor, promising to play along when you try to flee.

Option 3: Jump off the Drawbridge

If you don’t want to bother with the Talmberg Armor, you can simply jump off the drawbridge instead. Crouch under the rope and drop down into the moat below. Be ready to sustain a few wounds depending on where you fall. If Radim comes after you, you can try persuading him to let you go.

Option 4: Get Arrested

Besides the options above, the only other way to escape from Talmberg is to get caught for committing a crime. This can happen if you get caught stealing the Talmberg Armor or other private possessions. If you’re caught stealing, simply surrender. The guards will lock you up for a while, then eventually they will set you free outside the castle. You’ll be out a few Groschen though, so this method isn’t ideal.

There you have it. Those are your options for finding the Talmberg Armor and escaping Talmberg in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. The Homecoming quest is up next, so make sure you know where to find the spade in Kingdom Come.