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Just Cause 3 – Rebel Shrine Locations

by Prima Games Staff

You’ll find plenty of collectibles throughout Just Cause 3, including Rebel Shrines. Light these shrines to learn of people who sacrificed themselves for Medici, while at the same time opening up free Fast Travelling so you can get around the three provinces with ease.

Don’t wander around aimlessly. Use this guide to find all of the Rebel Shrines in the game.

Insula Dracon

1. Cauda, Coordinates: 40.95 N, 35.36 E –Head to the east side of the mountain and look at the base, right before you get to the cliffs heading into the water.

2. Petra, Coordinates: 41.52 N, 36.54 E –Head to the peninsula to the west of Vico Tructa and look for some ruins around the base of a tree.

3. Petra, Coordinates: 41.83 N, 37.05 E –Head east outside of Sancte Cintia, then look for a tree at the end of a sunflower field right before you reach the cliffs.

4. Massos, Coordinates: 42.75 N, 37.40 E –Go south of the Guardia Massos II and head to the top of the area on the east side, facing the nearby cliffs.

5. Massos, Coordinates: 42.86 N, 36.74 E –Take to the cliffs, and right before you get to the beach, look on the north side of the road for the Shrine.

6. Capite Est, Coordinates: 43.62 N, 35.98 E –Head east of Vinialetta and look for the Shrine right before you reach the cliffs.

7. Capite West, Coordinates: 43.76 N, 34.52 E –Go to the field of sunflowers and check along the south side for the Shrine.

8. Capite West, Coordinates: 43.29 N, 34.87 E –Head north of Sancte Antonio and look for a dock by the water. The Shrine will be on the edge.

9. Trio, Coordinates: 42.78 N, 35.71 E –Head to the cliff, but just before you hit the water, check the nearby trees. The Shrine is hidden nearby.

10. Trio, Coordinates: 41.96 N, 35.86 E –Find the lighthouse on the north side of Vico Maquerello and the Shrine is nearby. It’s fairly easy to spot.

Insula Fonte

1. Lavanda, Coordinates: 41.62 N, 42.85 E –Check the large house by some fields of sunflowers with lavender to the west, and look on the balcony.

2. Lavanda, Coordinates: 41.76 N, 42.14 E –Look for a small villa just to the west of Lantuina, and check the fence for some sort of break. It’ll be the one facing the city.

3. Lavanda, Coordinates: 42.14 N, 42.25 E –Look for a large lavender field as you travel on the road, and you’ll find the Shrine near a tree on the east side.

4. Feno, Coordinates: 42.60 N, 41.40 E –Look for a blur and white striped lighthouse and check for the entrance. The Shrine is to the right, near the start of a stone fence.

5. Feno, Coordinates: 42.58 N, 42.92 E –Go south of Babica and look for a large group of trees with a clearing next to it.

6. Plagia, Coordinates: 42.80 N, 43.90 E –Look for a large field of lavender lines that will take you to a house, then check a nearby stone fence in the small vineyard.

7. Plagia, Coordinates: 42.46 N, 43.93 E –Head to the airport of Plagia, then locate the control tower. Go south and you’ll find the Shrine.

8. Plagia, Coordinates: 42.00 N, 44.75 E –Head off the highway when you see a large grassy field next to some hay and you’ll see the Shrine.

9. Baia, Coordinates: 41.31 N, 44.60 E –Find a large field of sunflowers and follow it down to a house, then check the north side of the nearby wall.

10. Lacos, Coordinates: 41.04 N, 43.89 E –Take the main road to a nearby body of water, then head northeast to find the Shrine.

11. Baia, Coordinates: 40.24 N, 44.05 E –Make your way through Sancte Rita and look for a viewpoint to the north. The Shrine should be there.

12. Lacos, Coordinates: 40.31 N, 43.51 E –Look for a main road facing a bridge to the east side, and check the nearby cliff.

13. Lacos, Coordinates: 40.63 N, 43.22 E –Head out of Alba and look for a nearby house, with a cliff nearby, to the south.

14. Lacos, Coordinates: 40.75 N, 42.48 E –Find the south house and look in the yard, right behind a pair of orange trees.

15. Lacos, Coordinates: 40.08 N, 43.05 E –Find the tiny house at the end of a road with some water nearby. Check for a fence on the south side with a broken section.

16. Sirocco Sud, Coordinates: 38.61 N, 41.13 E –Find the blue and white lighthouse, then scope out for a wooden fence. The Shrine is to the north of that.

17. Soros, Coordinates: 37.50 N, 40.47 E –Head to the north island in Soros and look for a house and a memorial to Tae “Jina” Stevenson.

18. Soros, Coordinates: 37.14 N, 39.54 E –Take a road to the top of the hill until you reach the dead end. Find the nearby house and check on the east side for the Shrine.

Insula Striate

1. Litore Torto, Coordinates: 50.20 N, 45.55 E –Find a clearing on the north side of the road and look for some scattered rocks.

2. Litore Torto, Coordinates: 49.12 N, 45.02 E –Head to the mountain with Sancte Malco, then check the southeast portion of the nearby ruins.

3. Montana, Coordinates: 49.15 N, 42.59 E –Find a warehouse with some cars and a tank inside, then head around to the east side.

4. Val De Mar, Coordinates: 47.43 N, 39.53 E –Find some ruins on the north side of the road, and check the nearby stone wall, next to a few trees.

5. Maestrale, Coordinates: 48.99 N, 35.60 E –Look for some railroad tracks alongside the ocean and head north.

6. Maestrale, Coordinates: 49.12 N, 33.17 E –Look for a trail and follow it to its end, then head north and look for a fence. It’ll be on the other side.

7. Rocca Blau, Coordinates: 47.80 N, 33.19 E – Head to the railroad tracks and head to the west. You’ll see part of a burnt down forest with the Shrine in there.

8. Libeccio, Coordinates: 46.79 N, 34.91 E –Head to the lake, then check the west side to find some ruins. The Shrine will be on the edge.

9. Libeccio, Coordinates: 45.80 N, 37.92 E –Find a house on the east side of the road, and check behind the nearby connected stone fence.

10. Maestrale, Coordinates: 46.49 N, 39.37 E –Find a wind turbine to the north of the nearby lake and check its base.

11. Val De Mar, Coordinates: 45.99 N, 42.13 E –Head down the road, then look for some steps behind some nearby bushes and broken trees.

12. Costa Sud, Coordinates: 45.92 N, 44.17 E –You’ll want to find some ruins on the southwest side of Sancte Evita and look for a stone fence. The Shrine will be at the beginning.

13. Umbra, Coordinates: 46.50 N, 44.73 E –Head to Refugio Umbra and look on the east side of the hangar, and check out the cutouts. Note: this will be easier after you liberate Safehaven.

14. Umbra, Coordinates: 46.54 N, 44.81 E –Head out of Refugio Umbra to the northeast, then take the path on the north side of the tower.

15. Costa Sud, Coordinates: 45.93 N, 45.76 E –Find the playground near a desecrated house, then look on the northwest corner of the nearby bay.

16. Costa Sud, Coordinates: 44.25 N, 46.00 E –Head to the entrance of Sancte Gaille, then head to the north.

17. Costa Sud, Coordinates: 43.44 N, 44.67 E –Make your way to the southern tip of Costa Sud, and get to the cliffs right next to the water.

18. Costa Sud, Coordinates: 43.69 N, 44.33 E –Find a building to the south of the road, next to a sunflower field on the east side. It’ll be on the back side, next to a wooden fence.

19. Prima, Coordinates: 44.48 N, 43.57 E –Look for a lavender field. There will be a stone fence on the opposite side, to the south of the road. The Shrine should be next to a tree.

20. Prima, Coordinates: 44.46 N, 42.72 E –Look for a building to the north of the road and check behind it. The Shrine should be next to a nearby tree.

21. Prima, Coordinates: 44.54 N, 39.73 E –Find some hay fields on the north side of the road, and the Shrine should be on the strip of land in-between.

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