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Just Cause 3 – Daredevil Jump Locations

by Prima Games Staff

There’s no shortage of things to do in Just Cause 3, from beating story missions to wrecking havoc. This exciting game also comes with a variety of collectibles to find. For this guide, we reveal all of the Daredevil Jump locationsyou’ll discover while exploring Medici. Not only will they give you the opportunity to catch some big air, but you’ll also earn new items in the process.

The Jumps are spread across three islands: Insula Dracon, Insula Fonte and Insula Striate.

Insula Dracon

Complete all 10 of these Jumps and you’ll gain access to the Custom Kietterer 300 Quad vehicle by the Rebel Drop.

1. Petra Province, Coordinates 41.24 N, 37.34 E –Look for a car in the small area with guards, to the north of the jump’s location. You’ll see a ramp on the south side of the landing in Puncta Sud. Make sure you take note of the guards in the tower below, since they may attack after the jump.

2. Petra Province, Coordinates: 42.06 N, 36.76 E – You’ll see a jump that overlooks a large area in Espia Bassa, but be warned – you’ll need to gain some major speed to clear it. Make sure you have your parachute and grapple ready if you want to avoid a hard landing.

3. Petra Province, Coordinates: 42.15 N, 36.83 E – Go to the road leading up the upper north side of Espia Bassa and you’ll see a ramp at the end. Make sure you build up plenty of speed or you’ll crash into one of the buildings instead of landing on the north side.

4. Corda Dracon Province, Coordinates: 42.79 N, 36.59 E –Head east out of Corda Dracon: Centcom and you’ll see a ramp at the other end. Don’t worry too much about prep. Make the jump and you should land fine.

5. Corda Dracon Province, Coordinates: 42.89 N, 36.29 E –Go north outside of Corda Dracon: Centcom and you’ll find a road that ties in with where you took Jump 4. If you can make this jump with no problem, you can stay on this route and make Jump 4 in succession.

6. Trio Province, Coordinates: 42.40 N, 35.37 E –Follow the east road out of Guardian Trio I and it’ll eventually swing north into a connecting dirt road. Coming off the jump, make sure you shift your vehicle slightly to the left, as this will allow you to land on the two-lane bridge below. Maintain a speed of around 140 km/h and you should be able to hit it with little effort.

7. Capite West Province, Coordinates: 43.49 N, 35.58 E – Take the dirt road that leads into the jump, but get a good amount of speed first, as there’s a huge gap to clear. Also, this can tie in with Jump 8, so try to take them both at the same time. Watch out for the water!

8. Capite West Province, Coordinates: 43.51 N, 35.60 E –You’ll be able to get a good amount of speed on this paved rode, leading right up to the jump. Once you get to the other end, you can take Jump 7 over again if you don’t quite make it.

9. Capite Est Province, Coordinates: 43.79 N, 36.15 E – Take the road east of Espia Alta and you’ll reach this jump. Make sure you liberate the area first so you don’t have to deal with a heavy firefight after landing. You can also use a parachute as a safeguard if you aren’t ready to fight yet. There should be a road to the south you can go to after flying off.

10. Capite West Province, Coordinates: 43.80 N, 34.94 E – You’ll head to the south end of the air strip in Porto Cavo to find this ramp. However, your jump will take you into a large body of water, so be sure to use your parachute and look for a getaway vehicle on either side of the lake. You might consider liberating the nearby base first to avoid opposition, as they could launch boats with missiles to come after you.

Insula Fonte

After completing these 13 jumps, you’ll gain access to the Custom Geschwind Motorcycle, located within the Rebel Drop.

1. Feno Province, Coordinates: 42.68 N, 42.87 E –You’ll need to go through a few barricades after taking this dirt road towards Babica, off of the main road. Make sure you don’t go too fast or you’ll end up crashing inside the police station on the other side. Maintain an average speed and you’ll be fine.

2. Plagia Province, Coordinates: 42.54 N, 43.30 E – Go off the north side of the highway, where you’ll find a dirt road that will take you west. Once you reach the ramp, take the jump and you’ll end up in Feno. Maintaining a good speed will help you land easily on the other side.

3. Feno Province, Coordinates:42.13 N, 42.44 E – If you’re in need of a vehicle, you’ll find one in front of the ramp, or an easy one to take near the outpost. Take the dirt road past said outpost and you’ll find a jump that takes you from Feno into Lavanda. It’s a fairly easy jump, with stable ground to land on. Make sure you keep your car level.

4. Lavanda Province, Coordinates: 41.89 N, 42.61 E –You’ll see this ramp off the main road on the north side of the dirt road heading into Sancte Lucas. Take the jump and you should land with little problem.

5. Feno Province, Coordinates: 41.68 N, 43.05 E –You’ll start climbing from the base of the mountain, just below the ramp using your grapple. Find the car near the bottom and look for a long downhill dirt road with the ramp at the end. Even with a modest car, this jump isn’t too difficult to land.

6. Lacos Province, Coordinates: 40.76 N, 43.47 E –Try to get a car from the main road to the north before heading down the paved road, where you’ll find the ramp. There’s also an outpost to the west where you can snag one. The jump is a little tough to make, so be sure to have your parachute ready.

7. Lacos Province, Coordinates: 40.87 N, 43.74 E – Head down the main road off the north to get to the jump, and you’ll spot a nearby trail that will take you to the ramp. There’s a long turn to take caution with as you get closer to the jump, so make sure to keep a steady speed when you hit it to land on the road to the east.

8. Lacos Province, Coordinates: 41.01 N, 44.41 E –Go east past Fortalessa and you’ll find a ramp leading off the main road, just as it hits a curve. Watch out for the small bump leading up to the ramp, as it could cause you to fly off course. Get past it, keep up a good speed and you’ll be OK.

9. Baia Province, Coordinates: 40.30 N, 44.62 E – Track down a car on the dirt road (or in one of the houses in the area) and you’ll find this jump with ease. Just make sure you aim for the road to the south to stick the easy landing.

10. Baia Province, Coordinates: 40.15 N, 44.56 E – You’ll be able to snag a car at the base of the wind turbine, then fly off the nearby ramp on the southeast side. Hit it with enough speed and you’ll land on the coordinating road with ease.

11. Baia Province, Coordinates: 40.02 N, 43.77 E – You’ll jump across a very large chasm here, so get as much speed as you possibly can. Otherwise, you’ll have to use your parachute to avoid ending up in the water.

12. Sirocco Nord Province, Coordinates: 39.04 N, 42.87 E – Head south off the main road and you’ll find a dirt path with the ramp on the other end. When you jump, keep an eye out for a large tree on the right, which you could crash into. Try to lean to the left or right of the ramp, aiming for the ground below. Otherwise you’ll hit water, and glub glub.

13. Sirocco Nord Province, Coordinates: 38.51 N, 42.50 E – Take the dirt road from Cirilla or the main road to the east and you’ll find the ramp. You’ll fly across an open field with this jump, so the only thing you’ll have to worry about is keeping the car level to land properly.

Insula Straite

Masterseven Daredevil Jumps and you’ll gain access to a real big boy, the Incendario Monster Truck. Great for crushing cars!

1. Libeccio Province, Coordinates: 45.74 N, 35.18 E – You’ll find a dirt road on the west side of Vista Dracon taking you to the jump. You’ll head off a cliff and need to bust through a barrier on the other side. Make sure you get a proper speed to do this, or CLUNK.

2. Val De Mar Province, Coordinates: 44.73 N, 42.36 E – Find a car inside Guardia Val De Mar IV and go through the chain fence to the western side. You’ll follow the path all the way to a ramp on the other side. If you hit it properly, you’ll land on the other side next to an outpost.

3. Costa Sud Province, Coordinates:44.30 N, 45.45 E – Look for this jump off of the main road, which will take you into Peria Est upon completion. Be sure to bail from the car with your parachute right before crashing into some buildings.

4. Costa Sud Province, Coordinates: 46.12 N, 44.42 E – You’ll find a ramp just east of the Sancte Evita, at the very top of the mountain. You’ll fly over a slope on the north side, and should be able to land with ease. Make sure you stay level with a proper speed, and you’ll be cool.

5. Val De Mar Province, Coordinates: 46.73 N, 42.06 E –You’ll see a small dirt road breaking off to the east of the Mountain Pass Spring. Try to keep a steady speed off this one, and don’t go too fast or you’ll crash into a nearby railroad tunnel. Have your parachute on standby, just in case.

6. Litore Torto Province, Coordinates: 47.42 N, 45.72 E – You’ll be able to find a car by the main road in the city, then head south to find a dirt path. You’ll head up a mountain and eventually get to the height of the jump, which you should be able to clear with a great amount of speed. Watch out for the trees!

7. Litore Torto Province, Coordinates: 49.22 N, 45.05 E – Take the road to Sancte Malco and watch out for a road that will lead you to the jump. If you don’t have a car yet, look in the spot near the jump, or the main paved road before it. Taking it will send you flying over some railroad tracks into a nearby canyon. You can either crash or use your parachute to get out in one piece. It’s your call.

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