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Jade Rabbit On The Moon Destiny 2 Locations: Where to Find Jade Rabbits

by Ginny Woo

If you’ve been cracking into Destiny 2: Shadowkeep, then you’re probably either loving or hating the sojourn onto the Moon that you and all the other Guardians have been blessed with. The Moon is definitely dark and full of terrors (and haunted), but we’ve learned that it’s not actually all bad. Enter a new suite of collectible items that are a lot cuter than you’d expect. Our guide to the Jade Rabbit on the Moon Destiny 2 locations will help you find these little guys and hopefully net a reward if you’ve managed to spot them all. 

Jade Rabbit On The Moon Destiny 2 Locations: Where to Find Jade Rabbits

If you’re someone that wants to interact with these Jade Rabbit that you find on the moon, then you’re going to need rice cakes in your inventory. Conceptually, this Jade Rabbit schtick is very similar to the cats that you find in the Dreaming City. If you give these Jade Rabbits a small rice cake when you find them, they’ll give you Phantasmal Fragments which you can then use to net you some cool armor.

Here is the list of the Jade Rabbit On The Moon Destiny 2 locations that we know of so far: 

  • Anchor of Light – head the tallest building that you can find with an antennae poking out, and scale it to find a Jade Rabbit 
  • Archer’s Line – if you’re here, check out the Dome that’s just to the immediate south of the location on the map to find a Jade Rabbit close to a pile of terminals
  • Chamber of Night – this location is within the Hellmouth. Start out from the Sanctuary fast travel, and wrap around to the Temple of Crota, following the path all the way down to the Hive drop pod before exiting the room and edging along a cliff face. You’ll eventually loop past The World’s Grave, before heading to the back of the room and going into an incredibly dark corridor. Clear this and you’ll find a Jade Rabbit on a nearby rock
  • Circle of Bones – if you’re in the Circle of Bones, peer off the side when you’re facing the Hellmouth. Drop down one level by backing up, and then take a right and continue under the overhang to find a Jade Rabbit
  • Hellmouth – get up to the platform that’s hanging over the Hellmouth, and walk alongside the gaping crack in the ground to eventually find a Jade Rabbit on a chair
  • K1 Logistics – in this Lost Sector, shoot your way to the end where you’ll find a loot chest and a cat in the far building. The Jade Rabbit is next to this cat
  • Sanctuary – you can find a Jade Rabbit in Sanctuary right underneath a large logo that’s been spraypainted onto the wall
  • Shrine of Oryx – when you’re looking for this Jade Rabbit, head down to the Shrine of Oryx and the tunnel that you have to navigate. Hang left, peer over the edge, and you’ll see a Jade Rabbit looking reflective
  • Sorrow’s Harbor – when you’re on the bridge facing the Scarlet Keep, you’ll notice a set of nearby stairs. Go up the stairs and hang left to see a bunch of crates to find a Rabbit hanging out there

Now that you’ve got our Jade Rabbit on the Moon Destiny 2 locations list sorted out, finding them all should be a piece of (rice) cake. As we’ve said, giving these little critters rice cake will make sure that they spit out some Phantasmal Fragments which are going to be increasingly useful as we make our way through the latest expansion. Need a hand with other Destiny 2 things? Check out our guide on the Vex Mind Components and what you can use them for.


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