Is There Prestige in Modern Warfare 3 (MW3)? Answered

It's a sad day for the old guard

As you grind your way through the battlepass in Modern Warfare 3, you might be wondering if anything’s waiting for you once you hit the level cap. But is there prestige in Modern Warfare 3?

Is There Prestige in Modern Warfare 3 (MW3)? Answered

Veterans of the Call of Duty series will remember the Prestige system, which will let players hit the level cap and then let them reset in exchange for a new calling card and emblem. All your perks and weapons would be reset, essentially starting you at zero.

And that system is long gone. There is no Prestige in Modern Warfare 3.

Once you hit the level cap for the season, that’s where you’ll stay, with experience points having no influence over your level. Many players have hit that level cap in the first week of the game’s release, leading to players expressing their frustration on Twitter.

“Level 55 cap on the release of a brand-new Call of Duty cannot be real,” writes Sam “Octane” Larew on Twitter.

Another player agrees, but points out another frustration players have been dealing with:

“Having to unlock guns and perks by doing daily challenges also shouldn’t be a thing. Plus doing said challenges isn’t working so that’s cool,” writers Twitter user branrussell9.

Many new attachments, weapons, and perks are locked behind challenges. Some of which are tied to the amount of Daily Challenge completions, creating a slow drip of unlockable content. It’s likely that this new unlock mechanic is meant to slow players down and give them something to grind for beyond camo, operators, and calling cards.

But with each new season, new levels will become accessible, along with seasonal challenges and cosmetics unique to that season. And that new system is unlikely to change anytime soon.  

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