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Is There a Halo: Reach Season 1 End Date?

by Ginny Woo

Whether you’ve been enjoying the nostalgia hit that’s Halo: Reach, or if you’re cracking into it now on a high-powered PC, there’s plenty for you to do outside of finishing the rather iconic story. We’re talking the extensive multiplayer that the franchise is well known for, and it looks like 343 Industries has rolled the content out in seasons this time. Wondering about whether there is a Halo Reach Season 1 end date? We’ve got you covered. 

Is There a Halo Reach Season 1 End Date? 

For those who aren’t quite caught up, Halo: Reach operates on points that players can earn during what’s being identified as Seasons of content. However, don’t let the nomenclature fool you – this doesn’t mean that you’re going to have to buy a Season Pass, or anything. Points earned during various periods of time marked out as Seasons by 343 will be the way that you get your hands on cosmetics, ranging from armor to nameplates and all the other goodies that veteran players will be used to.

Currently, the game is technically in its first season, referred to as Season 1. However, if you’re wondering, “is there a Halo Reach Season 1 end date?” then we’re happy to inform you that the answer is, well, No. Season 1 of Reach is actually going to last indefinitely. The word on the street is that when other, newer Seasons are released, you’ll be able to go back to this original one and unlock things at your leisure. The next Season arriving isn’t going to remove your ability to access any customization items like Firefight voices that were brought about by Season 1, so no need to worry about having a limited amount of time to pick everything up. 

Now that you know whether or not there is a Halo Reach Season 1 end date, you should be able to put your mind at ease; you’ve got as long as you could want to play through the campaign multiple times before even glancing at multiplayer, if you fancy, check out some other tips and tricks to do with Halo: Reach that we’ve put together:

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