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Is Goat Simulator 3 Available on Steam? – Answered

Help us, Lord Gaben!

by Nikola L

Goat Simulator 3 somehow had a very, very quiet release on Xbox Series X, S, PlayStation 5, and on the (somewhat hated) platform Epic Games on PC. It wanted to pick a fight with the likes of God of War: Ragnarok, Sonic: Frontiers, Call of Duty: MW2, and Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 and lost round one of the battle… which is a big shame, considering that the game is just pure epicness in every possible regard.

Many OG Goat Simulator fans are wondering when or if Goat Simulator 3 will have its release on Steam, and Prima Games is playing detective on this case so that we can deliver you some helpful insight on the matter.

Will Goat Simulator 3 Ever Get a Steam Release?

Goat Simulator 3 is currently not available on Steam. The game launched as an Epic Games exclusive on PC. Many Steam users are very disappointed by this decision, and some hardcore fans are waiting until it becomes available on Steam to play it.

Goat Simulator 3’s developer, Coffee Stain, has not made any statements on whether it will come out on the PC platform or not, or stay as an Epic exclusive. This leaves plenty of room for speculation about when or if Goat Simulator 3 will release on Steam, and we’ll explain our theory below.

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When Will Goat Simulator 3 Come Out on Steam?

Goat Simulator 3 is an Epic Games Store exclusive, BUT we don’t know whether this is permanent or a timed exclusive. A well-educated guess would be that this will not be permanent. After all, most of the sales for a video game happen on the day of release, and in a few weeks afterward. After a year, it mostly gets purchased at discounts.

The usual duration of the timed exclusivity is about a year, so we hope that we’ll see Goat Simulator 3 just in time for Christmas 2023. If Coffee Stain makes a statement on this, we’ll update the article, but until then, we can only hope.

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We again emphasize that we completely loved the game and that it was the most enjoyable and funniest thing to write about this year. If you can’t wait for the Steam release, make sure to enjoy the game on any platform that you can!

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