Is Armored Core 6 Down? How to Check Server Status for AC6

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No one likes it when you’re trying to play online with your friends, and you suddenly cannot connect. Server problems plague every game, and Armored Core 6 is no different. Here’s how to check the Armored Core 6 server status.

Are the AC6 Servers Down?

At the time of writing this, on August 24, 2023, players are reporting server issues for PvP. There is no current estimate on when the servers will be restored to a working condition.

There is currently an emergency maintenance, according to the official Twitter account. This is expected to last five hours, ending around 11 PM PT.

How to Check Server Status in Armored Core VI

The easiest way to check the server status of Armored Core 6 is to look at a third-party website like Downdetector. This website will take user-reported server issues and compile them to help others know if the game has issues.

You can also check the main Armored Core X account (formerly known as Twitter, RIP).

Of course, you can also check places like Reddit and sort through the new tab to see if other places are posting about having issues trying to log onto PvP or other server connections for Armored Core 6.

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Once the servers are back up, you’ll be able to play Armored Core 6 PvP to your heart’s content. Luckily, server issues don’t cause problems with the main single-player game, so you can continue to play that in the meantime and not have to worry about anything else.

While you’re waiting for PvP to come back online, ensure you’ve got all of the weapons you need to destroy your enemies and leave no man left in your wake.

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