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Is Alone in the Dark a Remake or a Sequel? – Answered

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Alone in the Dark is close at hand with its newest 2024 release, but is this new title another sequel for the lengthy series or simply another remake in the remake-heavy era we’re currently living in? Time to find out your answer.

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Is Alone in the Dark (2024) a Remake?

Alone in the Dark (2024) is a modern era full-fleshed-out remake of the original game of the same name. First released in 1992, the original Alone in the Dark was praised for its terrifying plotline and for being one of the pioneers of the genre in video games, being one of the main inspirations for titles such as Resident Evil.

From the supernatural vibes to camera angles, many elements were adopted as a standard for similar titles, and Alone in the Dark became a series of its own with many sequels to the first game. The setting and overall plot were always completely new, with the only consistent element being the main protagonist Edward Carnby, the private investigator who always finds himself dragged into the obscure for some reason.

The series went on with new releases up to 2008 with Alone in the Dark: Inferno. But despite the game’s relative success, another sequel was never developed. Some claim the definitely-not-good movie adaptations were partly responsible for that, and anyone who’s seen it will testify to that. The IP was bought by THQ Nordic, which tried to rebrand the game into an online setting with Alone in the Dark: Illumination, which also didn’t work out well.

In the first game, players could choose between playing with either Carnby or Emily Hartwood, niece to one of the characters who instigated the original plot. The story diverges depending on which character you pick, with each one of them facing slightly altered scenarios with different enemies/puzzles to overcome.

Most of this is retained in the newest remake, but this title is also a complete reboot of the series. Scenarios play out in a completely different way depending on which protagonist you pick, and you have to play with both to get the full picture of the Derceto mansion’ secrets.

So yes, you can (and should) play the new Alone in the Dark even if you haven’t touched any of the previous entries. While it incorporates many of its elements, the story is completely new and easy to access, so get a ride straight to Derceto to headstart your journey into horror games. It’s a one-way trip, by the way.

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