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Indo Tyrant Borderlands 3 Guide: IndoTyrant Location and Strategy

by Ginny Woo

If you’re gearing up for Rare Spawn Week in Borderlands 3 right now, then join the club. Every Vault Hunter worth their salt is likely cracking into. Whether you’re wanting Legendary class mods, some super-powered shields or weapons, or just anything else that looks remotely shiny, then killing your way through a ton of the games rare enemies should occupy you from 8 October to 15 October. Check out our guide on getting rid of the IndoTyrant Borderlands 3 rare enemy, including where to find him.

Indo Tyrant Borderlands 3 Guide: IndoTyrant Location and Strategy

If you’re looking for the IndoTyrant, it’s likely because you’re wanting to get some swag for yourself. The IndoTyrant drops a random customization, so if you’re wanting to up your aesthetic game then this is the particular spawn that you’re going to want to farm. We’ve got a whole guide on FL4K heads if you want a taste of how nuts the true end-game of Borderlands 3 can be. If anyone asks, the true end-game is Fashion.

In order to actually be able to get the IndoTyrant to spawn, you’ll have had to have started the Hammerlocked quest to assist, well, Hammerlock. You’re also going to need to have access to Eden-6, though this is practically a given as long as you’re at the right part of the story. 

Not sure of the Indo Tyrant Borderlands 3 spawn’s location? Here are our tips:

  • Head to the veritable vehicle graveyard on Eden-6
  • If you’re kicking around the Floodmoor Basin then you’re definitely in the right place
  • The IndoTyrant roams around a fair bit, so circle around until you see him
  • Make covering the distance a lot quicker by staying inside your trusty car

When you actually find the IndoTyrant, you’re going to want to gear up for a fight. This enemy is pretty humongous, so if you don’t want to get squished like a bug on a windshield then we’re going to recommend that you actually get behind a windshield. Yes, that’s our fancy way of saying that you should kill this thing with cars. Rocket launchers, turrets, and whatever else a Catch-A-Ride can spew out will be your life-savers. We would recommend being as mobile as possible, so drift around this bad boy while you whittle his health down over time to take him out.

Need a hand with anything else in Borderlands 3? We’ve got some information on the upcoming Bloody Harvest event that you’re going to find helpful this spooky season.

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