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How To Increase Stash Size In The Division 2

by Prima Games Staff

In modern loot shooters you’ll regularly be picking up items, guns and, frankly, any and every bit of gear you discover out in the world. The Division 2 is no different in this regard, and no matter how choosey you are with your item choices, you’ll eventually fill up your stash and need some additional space. In short, learning how to increase your stash size is vital in The Division 2.

Increasing your stash size requires spending some SHD Tech, The Division 2’s upgrade currency which lets you purchase the many perks in the game. If you’ve been saving that up, all that’s required is a trip to the Quartermaster at the White House. If you haven’t unlocked them yet, keep playing through the main story until they join your team. As this is a pretty important mechanic, it won’t be long before you meet them.

Make your way to the Quartermaster and speak with them. Swap to the Perks section and you’ll be able to browse through the different categories available. There are three Perks relating to your stash size, called Stash 1, 2 and 3. Unlocking the level 1 version will increase your storage size by 20 slots, while level 2 boosts you by 30 slots. Finally, unlocking Stash 3 will up your storage capacity by a whopping 50 slots. 

You won’t be able to upgrade the final version until you reach the max level in The Division 2, but once you get there we recommend getting it ASAP. If you’re early in the game’s story, unlocking Stash 1 should be suitable for your current storage needs, but it’s definitely worth coming back later to get Stash 2 and, eventually, Stash 3.

Now that you’ve learned how to increase stash size in The Division 2, you’re free to collect plenty more loot! If you want to know more perk recommendations, be sure to check out our guide for the best perks to unlock early in The Division 2

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