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Immortals: Fenyx Rising Vaults of Tartaros | Kalliope’s Distress

by Lucas White

This Vault of Tartaros is a part of Immortals: Fenyx Rising’s main storyline. At one point you’re tasked with finding three Tears of Aphrodite, and that means exploring three new Vaults in the area around Aphrodite herself. Kalliope’s Distress is either fun or annoying, depending on how you feel about sussing out switch orders and fireballs. This one’s more image-heavy than usual, because there isn’t really a better way to explain this one.

Also, running the Xbox mobile app on an underpowered Chromebook ain’t great.

Anyway, as soon as you enter this Vault, you’ll see a bunch of floor panels arranged in a grid. You’ll also see a bunch of blocks on a nearby wall, some of the blocks being golden and decorated, the others being more of a solid blue color. The golden blocks indicate which panels you need to step on to continue. But they don’t tell you what order is required. Messing up the order just resets the puzzle though, so it isn’t a big deal. Just don’t forget to dodge the fireballs.

The first one is pretty easy. There are only four blocks, and the solution is to just go from bottom to top. Here’s the solution, expertly marked up in a browser-based image editor. I’m nothing if not resourceful on a budget.

Solving this allows you to continue on the linear path to the next one. The second puzzle adds more blocks and more fireballs. The pattern here is less obvious, but still a linear path. Starting at the bottom, you just need to go up and around counter-clockwise across the appropriate panels.

The third one is a pain in the ass, especially if you’re doing this blind. This time the hint wall and the board are separated, meaning you don’t get to just point the camera up to reference the golden blocks. You’ll have to use your phone or something just to avoid running back and forth. Or you can just take a look at this guide! This time you’re moving up and around from the bottom in a clockwise direction. It’s pretty similar to the last one, just with, you know, more blocks and fireballs. Be sure to study the path of each fireball so you know where you can stand safely while you orient yourself.

You’re done! Well, unless you also want the chest. In that case you’ll have to do one more. The path over to the chest is right out in the open, following the third puzzle. Hop over there and you’ll see the board of panels, then turn around and you’ll see a lever in front of an empty hint wall. The lever will reveal the full hint for a few seconds, before resetting and leaving you back in the dark. 

The pattern here is kind of a cross shape, and you’ll take a less linear path this time. From the bottom, you need to go up, then down to the right, then left across the middle. Or you can just look at the screenshot as usual.

After you get the chest, you can safely hop over to the exit path, grabbing the Tear of Aphrodite on the way to the lightning piece. One down, two to go.

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