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Immortals: Fenyx Rising Vaults of Tartaros | The One-Eyed Giant

by Lucas White

We’re more or less with the last of the tutorial Vaults of Tartaros. While the first two Vaults were practically on rails, at this point the game opens up a bit more. This is still part of the main path, but you can also roam around and get murdered by glowing bears and stuff first if you’d like. Anyway, this Vault is about really teaching you different applications of Herakles’ Strength, which you’ll be using ad nauseum for the rest of Immortals: Fenyx Rising.

First of all, there’s a puzzle to even get into this one. It isn’t much of a puzzle – you simply do as the game tells you and fire an arrow through one torch to light another further away. Then after stepping into the dust storm-looking thing and watching the cutscene, you can simply push the large block onto the panel to open the Vault.

Once you’re in, the first puzzle is another simple blocks on panels gimmick. However, it wants to teach you that the anvil panels can be activated with smaller blocks as long as you have two of them evenly placed on it. It’s a callback to the previous Vault that showed you the segmented lights.

The next switch drops two large boxes again, one of them being wood. You simply have to swap the two, as they spawn in front of mismatched panels. The lesson here is despite being large, those wooden boxes aren’t heavy enough for anvil panels. Shocking I know.

Now you have a fight against two Gorgons. It can be a little tricky to fight these critters, because both of their attacks have a huge startup delay, then come out super fast when they finally land. So if you want to practice the Perfect Dodge, this is a good opportunity to do so. The basic Gorgons really aren’t much of a threat otherwise.

After that, the following section teaches you the range of Herakles’ Strength. Hold the left bumper to ready the power, and if you’re close enough you’ll be able to grab the box. There are two of these and a couple moving platforms; nothing new here. However, if you aren’t paying attention you’ll miss some smaller platforms off to the left side between the two box panels. Carefully double-jump across to find the Vault’s chest. You can edge-grab those skinnier pillars, so you don’t have to be perfect.

Cross the bridge and you’ll come to a large, gated structure and two switches. The switch on the right summons a large ball, and I bet you can guess what you’ll do with it. The switch on the left also summons a ball, this one inside the structure. You can grab that one from the outside, then pull it through the path inside to find a spot for it. On the right, there’s a ball-placement-thingy hidden out of view by the rubble, but it’s practically right next to the ball. Push it over and you’ll open up the way out.

You know how double-jumping works by now; just pay attention to your stamina so you don’t accidentally run out. Then you get to fight a boss! After some godly shenanigans you’ll face a Cyclops. An adorable one, apparently. Anyway, this fight teaches you a few concepts in combat you’ll need to pay attention to. Red glow means dodge! 

You can Perfect Dodge this guy’s red attacks, but they have area of effect properties so you need to dodge clean to avoid getting clipped. When the Cyclops raises its arm without a glow, you’re about to have two chances to parry because he swings twice. If you get a Perfect Dodge on the first hit don’t get too greedy, because as soon as the slowdown wears off the second hit will come fast. There are also several rocks around, which you can pick up and throw at the Cyclops to do more damage in a single hit than you can any other way at this point.

That’s the end; saunter up to the Lightning, grab it, and roll out.

Hanging in there so far? We’re out of the tutorial now, so the guides are going to become more complicated and likely needed! There are some really cool puzzles coming up, as well as some I am not looking forward to running through a second time. But hey, that’s how we do it here at Prima Games. If you want, give us a shout over at the Prima Games Facebook or Twitter channels. Or we’ll just catch you in the next Vault guide.