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Immortals: Fenyx Rising Vaults of Tartaros | Odysseus’ Struggle

by Lucas White

It’s time for part two of our in-progress Vaults of Tartarus guide collection for Ubisoft’s latest open-world romp, Immortals: Fenyx Rising. The last — or previous because it’s also the first and that’s weird — Vault was pretty simple, and this one will also be fairly unchallenging. That said, this Vault quietly prepares you for a few elements of Immortals that crop up consistently throughout the game, from other Vaults to solving puzzles for treasure out in the open world. So if you’re just getting started this guide could be handy in a few ways. Otherwise, stay patient with us as we attempt to turn this into a comprehensive Vaults of Tartaros guide. Thanks for reading!

Okay, first things first: Activate the switch to make a large box and small box appear. Using Herakles’ Strength, push the big box onto the Anvil panel, and grab the small box from a distance to place on the feather panel. If you put the small box on the anvil panel you’ll notice the panels light up in segments – a hint for what’s to come.

Activating the second switch will summon a large box, but this one is made of poorly secured wooden boards. You’ll also notice it spawns on top of a platform that’s too high to reach. Grab the wooden box from below with Herakles’ Strength then drop it in front of the platform. Make sure you “drop” the box instead of “throw.” Throwing it will destroy it (a new one will spawn).

In the next section you will be throwing on purpose. Hit the two switches to make two boxes appear. This is a tutorial moment so you don’t have to think too hard. Just get used to how the throwing and charged throwing physics work. You’ll need this for the rest of the game pretty much.

While you’re on this platform, it’s a good idea to swivel the camera around a bit and scope out your surroundings. You’ll see two trails of light at this point, white and yellow. The yellow light points towards a chest, while the white light marks the entrance if you need to get out of there for whatever reason. Later on, marks indicating an Epic chest will be red. The chests are considered objectives, which are required to “complete” the Vault.

Cross the gaps and you’ll hit the next tutorial section, this time for the bow. You’ll learn how quick shot, charged shot, and Apollo’s Arrow work, and get examples of the kind of situations you’ll need them for in Vaults. At this point, the way to the end is open, but don’t go yet.

To your right after you go through the door, you’ll see another door with no obvious switches. If you look above the grate next to the door you’ll see a significant chunk of wall missing. Fire an Apollo’s Arrow over the gap to discover a target on the other side, which will open the door. You’ll have to bring the arrow down a bit after clearing the gap, so keep that in mind.

The next switch drops a block attached by a chain, so it doesn’t make it to the ground. Look up at the chain and you’ll see a target right in the middle. Shoot it and the block will drop and break into two pieces, which you can drop on the two panels in front. Then you can hop right up to the end goal and another piece of Zeus’ Lightning.

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