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Immortals: Fenyx Rising Vaults of Tartaros | Atlas’ Burden

by Lucas White

Next up on the docket for our Immortals: Fenyx Rising Vaults of Tartaros coverage is Atlas’ Burden, a much more elaborate take on the concepts introduced in Helping the Anemoi. It seems pretty straightforward at first, but gets more playful towards the end. Here’s how to get through it, step by step!

As you enter this vault, you’ll see two switches, a vertical air vent, and a ball mechanism in front of you (along with everything else in the distance). You can also see the orbs where the balls will spawn; a metal one to the left and an the more earthy on the right, hovering in the air vent.

Use Herakles’ Strength to pull the earth ball out of the vent and guide it up the little ramp to the mechanism. The two platforms to the left will move up and down, alternating. Grab the metal ball and drag it across the moving platforms to a second little ramp and a mechanism (switch? Groove? indentation?). This makes air come from a second vent, a little further up from the first one.

Grab the earth ball again and take it to the new vent; you may notice that depending on the angle you take, the ball gets ripped away from you and falls out of the vent on its own. This is important as you may imagine. Also, if you lose control of either ball and it falls off the stage, it will respawn at its purple orb. Jump up onto the platform next to the vent, and you’ll see another ramp with a spot for a ball at the end, but this time there’s a second ramp branching off and running downwards.

You’ll see a second set of platforms start to move up and down, conveniently right next to where you left the metal ball. Follow that path to the next mechanism, which activates two more air vents down that other ramp. Go push the earth ball down the slope, and you’ll see it make its way over to those vents, where it should land snugly into a mechanism. This won’t always happen though, so you might end up having to retrieve the earth ball and try again.

Head up to where the earth ball landed, and you’ll see three new mechanisms; one hopefully holding the earth ball, one to the right of that, and another one just above where you left the metal ball. There’s also a third orb floating here. The mechanism the earth ball lands in activates some more moving platforms, so you can bring the metal ball to this area as well.

A new metal ball will spawn at the orb here, meaning it’s time to say goodbye to the first one (F). Push the new metal ball up the small ramp into the open mechanism. This opens some new air vents, which you might not see because you need to double back down the ramp. Grab the earth ball once again and drop it down the ramp, where it’ll pop up and fall down out of view. Chase it, and you should find it resting in front of the lower ramp. Push it down there and follow it up the vents, and you’ll find a new mechanism for the earth ball tucked in front of a ramp. That switch activates two sets of moving platforms for the metal ball.

Navigate your way past the platforms with the metal ball. There are three different mechanisms up there, two of them pretty clearly being your way out. Ignore those for now and push the metal ball into the mechanism up the little ramp in front of you. This activates the vent where you left the earth ball. Go grab the earth ball and use that vent to bring it up to the top as well. If you look back where the metal ball was, you’ll see the moving platforms haven’t stopped moving despite moving the earth ball. 

With the earth ball, go back down the first set of moving platforms. There are a couple of air vents off to the side that the metal ball couldn’t ride. Get the earth ball across those, into a new mechanism that activates two air vents you can glide across. Open the chest, then retrace your steps a bit, bringing the earth ball back to the exit area. Get the two balls into the remaining two slots, and your way to the lightning piece opens right up.

Phew, that was a long one. We’re officially into the meaty bits of Immortals: Fenyx Rising on our journey through the Vaults of Tartaros. As always, feel free to reach out on the Prima Games Facebook and Twitter channels if you want to share your thoughts on this game.