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Idle Breakout Cheat Codes List – Every Cheats Code Listed

Break out of the system's constraints with these easy steps!

by Nikola L

Idle Breakout seems to be the latest online hit regarding viral minigames. This minigame is about destroying bricks, similar to old-school titles. Naturally, there are codes for the game that will help you cheat your way forward to your goals. Prima Games will let you know how to make the best use of cheat codes in Idle Breakout to maximize your fun.

How to Cheat in Idle Breakout

First things first, we need to emphasize that we were not able to cheat in the browser version of the game successfully, so we’ll go ahead and direct you to the official download page for this crazy game on There’s a red download button under the game window. You will be prompted to optionally donate to the developer before downloading (you are by no means obligated, but giving tips to small indie devs is how they continue to make good stuff for us).

How to Enter Codes in Idle Breakout

When you open the game, you will see a cogwheel icon in the top-right corner. Hit that, and you will see the menu. In the very middle of the screen, you will see a red warning and two green buttons. You need that Import button. A dialogue box will appear where you are supposed to paste the code.

How to Make a Cheat Code for Idle Breakout

Thanks to JaydenLin0111 / Xsus, we have a great free tool for generating cheat codes. Full Version Link and Lite Version Link are available. In both cases, you need to run the code (online). We assure you that you can build cheat codes to your heart’s content with everything you possibly want them to do.

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You must enter numbers to tell the program what you want from the code. You can change the level on which you will start, the amount of money, the gold and black bricks you’ll have… When you are done, you’ll see a result that consists of a lot of random characters. You must select all characters between the ‘ ‘ symbols and copy that string. Now, you can paste it into the dialogue, and the game will automatically load up the settings which you have given yourself. Some people want infinite money, some people want infinite gold, and others, on the other hand, want infinite skill points, and this is why we encourage you to craft your own code.

Make sure to take it easy at first and test out the waters because going overboard with values can cause the game to be unplayable due to how overpowered everything will be. Here’s an example code for a small sum of one trillion dollars, which should give you a cool headstart (everything else is set to basic):

Screenshot by Prima Games

Remember, you can wipe all data from the settings menu if anything goes wrong.

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