Hyper Scape Battle Pass Guide

What does an Ubisoft Battle Pass look like?

Season 1 for Ubisoft’s new sci-fi battle royale shooter Hyper Scape launched today, and with that also came the PS4 and Xbox One console releases. While all the console players get their bearings, everyone will be climbing the ranks in their Battle Pass tracks, and figuring out if they like the game enough to upgrade. Much like Call of Duty, Hyper Scape’s premium Battle Pass has a whopping 100 tiers to get through, but the free pass isn’t bad either, with one strange caveat.

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How Does the Battle Pass Work in Hyper Scape?

To level up in either Hyper Scape Battle Pass you’ll need to earn Battle Points. That’s the in-game jargon term for experience points of course, and you’ll primarily be earning those while you play the game. You can also check out the various Challenges to earn extra Battle Points, and you can access both a daily and weekly list of challenges that update accordingly. Season 1 is set to last for 55 days, so you’ll have that long to progress through all 100 tiers.

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Rather than being a single Battle Pass you only get to dip into as a free player, Hyper Scape’s Battle Pass has two tracks. If you buy the Battle Pass for 950 Bitcrowns (ten bucks, natch), you’ll get access to both tracks. There’s a new reward on every tier in the premium Battle Pass, while the free one has several gaps, some of them lengthy. However, the tracks appear to have different rewards, making the free pass feel less like table scraps and more like a smaller list of rewards. 

That said, there is an additional factor that will impact “free” players. Many of the rewards on the free track are associated with Prime Gaming, the Twitch side of the Amazon Prime service. That means, in order to get all of the rewards on the free track, you need to be a paying Amazon Prime customer. The fully-free and Prime-adjacent rewards alternate for most of the track before the former takes over at the end, so if you aren’t an Amazon Prime member, the free pass is cut nearly in half. That said, there are other perks if you are already a customer, such as the ability to earn Battle Points when watching streams.

Finally, much like in other, similar games, there’s a super premium option called the Hyper Battle Pass. This will cost players 2500 Bitcrowns (around 25 smackers), and instantly jettison them 25 tiers up the Battle Pass track. Additionally, a set of four items come with this option as an exclusive incentive. All of the Battle Pass tiers include prizes such as skins, emblems, alternate loading screens, so on and so forth. It’s all the usual suspects for systems like this, including a return on your Bitcrown spend if you go for the premium Battle Pass.

Are you planning on going all-in with Hyper Scape? Or are you going to take a few days to test the game out before opening up the ol’ coffers? How do you feel about the Prime Gaming tie-ins here and how they affect the free pass? Let us know what you think over at the Prima Games Facebook and Twitter channels!


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