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How to Use Showtime in MLB The Show 16

by Prima Games Staff

This feature will tell you how to use Showtime in MLB The Show 16. This option, available in both practice modes and Road To the Show, lets you slow down time to achieve precision on different plays, whether you’re catching a grounder, throwing the perfect pitch across the plate or timing your swing to send one out of the park.

Showtime takes some getting used to, which is why you’ll want to go through training and make sure you get the hang of it. Additionally the Showtime meter depletes each time you activate it by pressing and then holding the R2 trigger.

Showtime Batting in MLB The Show 16

First you’ll want to make sure you save Showtime for a pitch entering the strike zone. Watch where the ball is before you press R2, because there’s no sense wasting this on an unhittable throw.

Now comes the timing. When the ball is thrown, you’ll see a large white reticule surrounding it. You’ll want to wait for the precise moment when the reticule slowly closes in on the ball until it’s practically right around it. Again, this will take some practice, but if you wait for it to come into your zone (which you should be able to do since it’s going slow enough), you’ll be able to time your swing so you make contact. It won’t be a guaranteed home run every time, but you’re assured contact.

Time your swing once you know the ball is over the plate, then let go right when the reticules match up. 


Showtime Pitching in MLB The Show 16

Pitching with Showtime isn’t nearly as complex as batting, but you’ll still want to keep a few things in mind.

Keep an eye on your batter’s hit zones so you identify his hot spots. Your goal is to throw outside of these spots. Chances are he’ll still land a grounder, but it won’t be nearly as bad as giving up the home run. Aim for a weak spot.

From there, activate Showtime by pressing R2 and you’ll see a precision pitching option. All you need to do, after selecting which pitch to use, is line up where the ball needs to go. Then let your pitch go and the ball will travel to the desired location.

You’re not guaranteed strikeouts. Going with an easier difficulty will help you master your throws better than higher difficulties, but you will get a hang of precision pitching. 


Showtime Fielding in MLB The Show 16

This aspect of Showtime is also easy to learn, since making plays is somewhat effortless.

If a ball’s in the air for a pop-up, don’t bother with Showtime. You’ll see where the ball will end up anyway and can make the easy catch. Save Showtime for grounders that would otherwise get away from you.

Once the ball is hit, activate Showtime by pressing the R2 trigger. You’ll see the ball coming at your player with a light-up circle and an indication to catch with the R1 button. Hit it before time runs out and your player should lean into the ball.

With grounders, the catch is only part of the play. You’ll want to make sure you have enough Showtime to activate the quick throw to first base or wherever the nearest runner is that you want to tag out. In this situation, you’ll need to hold down the button and then use the right analog stick to aim at the player you’re throwing to. If you don’t, the result is a sloppy throw and the runner getting on base.

Once they’re aligned, release the button and they’ll hurl the ball to that base with precision.

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