How to Use the Season 5 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare XP Glitch

If you're feeling brave, there's a glitch that nets players thousands of XP in seconds.

This will probably be patched out very soon! But until then, players have found a new glitch in Modern Warfare that provides tons of XP with minimal effort. This glitch appears to be related to the pass/fail condition in one of the new Season 5 Trial missions, allowing players willing to take advantage of the situation a 10,000 XP boost for only a few seconds of effort. Here’s how it works.

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How to Use the Season 5 Modern Warfare XP Glitch

Since this glitch is related to one of the new Season 5 Trials, you are going to need to gain entry to the mission itself. This requires a Trials ticket, which will grant you three tries of a mission per ticket. Normally, to get the 10,000 XP reward you have to get the top, 3-star rating from completing a trial, which can sometimes be a tall order depending on your skill level. But thanks to this glitch, for now, you can bypass the stress and collect the winning reward.

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To perform the XP glitch, you need to make sure to choose the new Season 5 Shooting Range Trial mission. To get to that, you’ll need to go to the Multiplayer menu, and choose the “Private Match, Trials, and Gamebattles” option. Obviously the next step is to choose Trials, then from there navigate to the Season 5 tab to find the new Shooting Range mission. From there, it’s a matter of, well, blowing yourself up.

When you start the Trial, you’ll have to move forward a bit to make sure you get the timer started. Once you see the timer start, all you need to do is plant C4 on the ground and detonate it in your face. You’ll die and get the Trial Failed screen, but if you pause and choose Leave Game fast enough you’ll activate the glitch, changing the fail state into a Trial Success screen. Since you died right away, the game will count it as a win in record time, netting you the top 10,000 XP reward.

If you’ve already been working on your Season 5 Battle Pass, chances are you’ve already earned some XP-boosting consumables. Pop those bad boys after you gather some Trial Tickets, and you’re looking at boosting yourself way up the Tiers list in no time. That is, if you’re willing to accept the possible risks associated with abusing a glitch.

We recommend taking a look at social media and the Modern Warfare subreddit to check on the status of the glitch before doing anything, because we have no idea how soon it will be patched, or if there will be any consequences for the folks who use it. So while we’re showing you how the glitch works, we can’t say we endorse using it! Consider this a historical record, and anything else you’re doing is at your own risk.

Did you discover this Season 5 Modern Warfare XP glitch along with the community? Have you been using it, or are you waiting to see how Infinity Ward responds to the matter? Let us know your thoughts on this matter over at the Prima Games Facebook and Twitter channels!


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