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How to Use Rope in Spelunky 2

by Morgan Shaver

With the release of Spelunky 2 come questions like how to toss bombs and how to use key items like rope. The rope question in particular is important as rope can help rescue you from dire situations.

It’s also handy to have in general if you need to reach something that’s out of the way. To help make things easier, we’ve put together a quick guide explaining how to use rope in Spelunky 2.

How to Use Rope in Spelunky 2

As you work your way through Spelunky 2 on PlayStation 4, the question of how to use rope is bound to come up. If you have rope available in your inventory, you can use it at any time by pressing the Triangle button on your controller. 

If you need a bit more reach with your rope, you can jump while pressing Triangle to hook it to something higher up. When you use rope, you’ll anchor one piece directly above where you’re standing.

When the rope line comes down, you can grab it and climb using Up on your D-Pad. You can also jump and then press Up to start midway up the rope.

If needed, you’re free to hold on to the rope and hang there to avoid a hazard passing by underneath you. For example, if you hear a large rolling rock coming your way, you can quickly set up a rope and climb up and out of the way of danger. 

Rope can also be great for steep ledges that might cause you to take damage if you launched yourself off of them. Trust us, we’ve done this only to fall directly into a spike trap and it’s not fun.

Better to be safe than sorry and use a rope where needed. 

Of course, you have a limited supply of ropes to start. You can buy more from a Shop if you come across one, or you can replenish your rope supply by finding them in chests or when you blast through walls with your bombs. 

Again, if you want to use rope in Spelunky 2 you’ll need to press Triangle on your controller to hook the rope directly above you. To climb, press Up on your D-Pad.

You can either climb up to the point you were trying to reach and jump off, or stay on the rope while an obstacle passes by underneath you.

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