How to Use Flares in Ace Combat 7

Learn how to throw off enemy missiles by using flares in Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown.

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown features vivid, realistic visuals and intense aerial combat. While offensive maneuvers are certainly the most fun, it’s important to have some defensive tactics up your sleeve as well. Before you take to the skies unknown, you’ll want to know how to use flares to keep enemy missiles off your tail in Ace Combat 7.

How to Use Flares in Ace Combat 7

Knowing how and when to deploy flares is a crucial part of being a skilled fighter pilot in Ace Combat 7. When an enemy locks on to your aircraft with a missile, you have one of two options: quickly roll and maneuver in an effort to dodge the incoming projectile, or use flares and chaff to throw the missile off course. The latter is the better option, as it is the most efficient way to avoid getting hit when targeted. Besides, this is exactly what these flares are made for.

Flares Ace Combat 7

Flares and chaff are used to deter incoming missiles or projectiles that have locked onto you while airborne. Flares essentially throw locked-on missiles off of your heat signature, diverting them from your aircraft and allowing you to avoid danger.

Deploying flares or chaff in Ace Combat 7 is quite simple. To use flares, simply press L3 and R3 simultaneously on your PS4 controller or the left and right analog sticks on your Xbox One controller. This will cause the flares to deploy from under your aircraft and out the back. The best time to use flares is when you have an enemy missile locked on to you and approaching from the rear. The flares should lure the enemy missile away from your aircraft and destroy it on impact, preventing you from sustaining unnecessary damage. 

Now that you know how to use flares in Ace Combat 7, you may want to brush up on the PS4 controller layout options to ensure you are using the best control scheme for your preferences ahead of your next aerial mission in Ace Combat 7. 

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