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How to Use Bombs in Pac-Man Championship Edition

by Prima Games Staff

Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 has just been announced for a September release, so we thought we’d refresh our skills with the original game – and that can be tough to ask for given those persistent ghosts. Here’s how to use your bombs wisely and keep ghosts off your tail in Pac-Man Championship Edition!

Avoid Ghosts in Pac-Man Championship Edition

Obviously, if you’ve ever played a Pac-Man game, you know it’s all about survival – avoiding ghosts long enough to get close to a pellet so you can turn the tables and chomp them down. The same principle serves with Championship Edition, as you’ll want to avoid ghosts long enough that you can build up a chain and then gobble them up for mega points.

However, there are some situations where you’ll run into a “close call” – this occurs when a ghost gets really close to you and time slows down. In this situation, the best thing you can do is go the opposite direction, so that you aren’t caught and lose a life in the process. If for some reason you can’t – or if you’re surrounded, which can happen – there is another step you can take, and that’s using a bomb.

Setting Off Bombs in Pac-Man Championship Edition

When you start a round, you only have so many bombs in your arsenal, so you’ll want to use them at just the right time. In this case, it’s when a ghost gets a little too close for comfort and you can’t escape for some reason. Don’t hesitate if you get into one of these situations – go ahead and set off your bomb, and that’ll send the ghost flying.

Don’t worry about losing that ghost in the process – there are plenty that come around on the stage, and they’ll begin pursuing you again in no time flat if you get close enough. Just make sure you save those bombs for when you absolutely need to save your Pac-hide.

Have a good run at it, and bombs away! Make sure you check out the teaser trailer for Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 below!

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