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How to Use Amiibo in Star Fox Zero

by Prima Games Staff

Amiibo functionality is one of the biggest draws for Wii U games, doing everything from allowing players to save their progress in Super Smash Bros. to unlocking cool skins for Yoshi’s Woolly World, Mario included!

The latest game to feature amiibo support is Star Fox Zero, where you can scan two amiibo to gain access to new ships. One provides an old-school touch that fans won’t get enough of, while the other comes with increased firepower at a cost.

Below are the two amiibo that work with Star Fox Zero and the cool things you can unlock in-game.

Fox McCloud

The first amiibo supported in the game is Fox McCloud. He’s a classic character who appeared in the SNES original, so what better way to reward players for scanning him than with a retro-style Arwing from the first Star Fox?

All you need to do is scan Fox in the amiibo section of the game, located on the main planet selection screen in the upper left hand corner, and the ship will automatically become available. While it may not look as fancy as the newer Arwings, it’s still cool nonetheless.


When he’s not being smarmy to Fox McCloud in the game, Falco serves his purpose as an amiibo. With his character, you receive a ship that provides both a positive and negative spin on things.

On the bright side, you’ll get your hands on a special black Arwing with cool little folds – and the ability to dish out twice the amount of damage as a regular Arwing. However, there’s a catch – it can also take twice the amount of damage from enemies, which means you could be in trouble if a boss keeps pulverizing you with attacks.

To get this Arwing, scan Falco’s amiibo in the same section you scanned Fox’s and it’ll be available to play. That’s it!

Anything New?

So far, these are the only two compatible amiibo in the game. That may sound like sad news, but there could be more on the way, especially now that the game is available.

For instance, amiibo for both Peppy Hare and Slippy Toad could be in the works, granting the ability to unlock even more ships in the game. Imagine Peppy getting the classic Star Fox 64 Arwing!

On top of that, producer Shigeru Miyamoto mentioned the possibility of a special Arwing amiibo that transforms from ship to walker – just like the in-game model. However, he didn’t mention a release date, so we’re not sure when or even if it will be released.

For now, enjoy Star Fox Zero, and those cool Amiibo features!