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How To Use amiibo In Star Fox Guard

by Prima Games Staff

Earlier in the week we broke down the cool stuff you could score in Star Fox Zero by using your Fox McCloud and Falco amiibo figures. These include a sweet-looking classic Arwing from the original SNES StarFox, as well as a far more difficult Arwing with double the firing strength and double the damage-taking capability.

But these goodies are useful for more than just collecting. These amiibo can also be used to unlock helpful goods in the side game Star Fox Guard included in the retail purchases of Zero, as well as a supplementary purchase in the digital version.

In case you’re unfamiliar with the game, Star Fox Guard is a side-adventure where you take part in tower defense. You’re called upon to help Slippy Toad select from different types of weapons in order to fend off enemies. Featuring over 100 unique missions as well as a level editor, there’s a lot to do in this fun side game.

Here are the steps to follow to make use your amiibo figures in Star Fox Guard!

Scan Away

First, go to the amiibo portion of the main menu screen. Here you’ll be asked to scan a compatible figurine. Currently, the game only supports Fox McCloud and Falco, although there’s a possibility that characters introduced in the future will add additional features to the game.

Place the amiibo on the NFC touchpoint on your Wii U GamePad. Once they’re scanned, you’ll see a message on the screen that reads, “Compatible amiibo scanned. You can now call the Star Fox team for help during this mission!”

Once this is done, make your way into the game and play as normal. When you find yourself in a jam, you’ll be ready to call in the team!

Make the Call For Help 

As you’re making your way through the game, keep an eye on all of your different camera angles. Then switch between them using your GamePad to keep invading robots at bay. At first, this will be rather easy, but when the Chaos droids enter the picture you could quickly find yourself overwhelmed.

Once you see these enemies get a little too close for comfort, you’ll see an option on your GamePad where you can call in Star Fox and company to launch an airstrike. He’ll announce their arrival with, “This is Star Fox. Responding to your distress signal.” Seconds later the airstrike will commence, clear the area of all enemies, and allow you to start from scratch. Keep in mind that the level isn’t clear just yet, as a few more enemies will arrive. However, you should have no trouble finishing them off!

The amiibo effect is the same for both Star Fox and Falco, meaning you can take advantage of one or the other for this special airstrike attack. Good luck!


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