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How to Upgrade the Ragnarok and Drift Skins in Fortnite

by Larryn Bell

Progressive skins have made their return for Fortnite’s Season 5 Battle Pass. Like the Carbide and Omega skins that came before them, the Ragnarok and Drift skins are two new outfits that have multiple pieces and styles that can be unlocked by playing the game and leveling up. We’ll explain how to get and unlock both the Ragnarok Skin and Drift Skin in Fortnite for those who want to equip all the parts to these amazing outfits as soon as possible.

The new progressive skins in Fortnite Season 5 work a bit differently than they did last season. The Drift and Ragnarok challenges are not tied to your Season Level. This means that instead of grinding through Battle Pass tiers to unlock the pieces for each skin before the season ends, players just need to achieve certain XP milestones to unlock each outfit style, even beyond Season 5. You’ll still have to unlock the base outfits during the season first, but their individual challenges can be completed after the season ends.

Drift Skin Challenges

The Drift skin is a Tier 1 skin that is unlocked upon purchasing the Season 5 Battle Pass for Fortnite. You’ll start off with the first piece of the Drift outfit set, which consists of a masked character wearing a white shirt and black pants. As you gain XP throughout the season, you will unlock new upgrades for the Drift skin that alter its style and appearance. 

Fortnite Drift Skin Upgrades

The Drift Challenge XP milestones are as follows:

  1. Base Drift Skin (Tier 1)
  2. Gain 10,000 XP (1st Unlock)
  3. Gain 25,000 XP (2nd Unlock)
  4. Gain 50,000 XP (3rd Unlock)
  5. Gain 100,000 XP (4th Unlock + Rift Edge)
  6. Gain 200,000 XP (5th Unlock)

Once you have completed four of the five challenges (or reach 100,000 XP), you will unlock the Rift Edge Harvesting Tool for the Drift outfit set in Fortnite.

Ragnarok Skin Challenges

Like the Omega skin from last season, the Ragnarok skin is a Tier 100 outfit that is unlocked upon reaching Tier 100 of the Season 5 Battle Pass in Fortnite. You must first level up every tier of the Battle Pass before you can begin making progress toward the Ragnarok outfit set.

Once you reach Tier 100 of the Battle Pass, the base version of the Ragnarok skin will become available. From there, you must continue playing to reach each XP milestone of the Ragnarok Challenges to unlock each part of the outfit. 

Fortnite Ragnarok Skin Challenges

When you complete four of the five Ragnarok Challenges (or reach 250,000 XP), you will also unlock the Permafrost Harvesting Tool for the Harbinger outfit set in Fortnite. The XP milestones for the Ragnarok Challenge are as follows:

  1. Base Ragnarok Skin (Tier 100)
  2. Gain 35,000 XP (1st Unlock)
  3. Gain 75,000 XP (2nd Unlock)
  4. Gain 125,000 XP (3rd Unlock)
  5. Gain 250,000 XP (4th Unlock + Permafrost)
  6. Gain 500,000 XP (5th Unlock)

To earn enough XP to unlock the Drift and Ragnarok skins in Fortnite, make sure you keep up with the weekly challenges as they become available throughout Season 5. Completing weekly challenges rewards you with XP, which is required for unlocking these skins as well as any of the other Season 5 outfits and rewards. The Floating Lightning Bolt challenge and Risky Reels treasure hunt challenge are good places to start.

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