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How to Upgrade Gear In Outriders

by Jesse Vitelli

>Outriders is full of customization options. A big part of the game is customizing your favorite weapons and armor with different mods to change up how they play. Here is how to upgrade your guns in Outriders.

How to Upgrade Gear In Outriders


First off, you won’t have access to upgrading your weapons for the first few hours of the game. You’ll need to rescue Dr. Zahedi from the Insurgents first. Once you bring him back to camp you’ll be able to talk to him at camp.

Talking to him at camp simply hit the “I need to upgrade my gear” dialogue option to go into the menu. 

From there you’ll have a bunch of different options to choose from, but the most impactful choice is the “Mod Gear” section. Here is where you are able to change the abilities your guns use in battle.

Mods will provide your weapon with abilities like “shots inflict weakness on enemies or something like adding ricochet to bullets. How do you get these mods though?

How to Get Mods


In order to unlock Mods in outriders all you have to do is dismantle a piece of gear that has the mod you want on it. This will unlock the mod permanently in your crafting section. This allows you to take your favorite mods and put them on any gear you want! 

To dismantle a weapon just hover over it in the inventory click in the right stick and then hold the triangle/Y button to dismantle it. 

Other Upgrade Options


You can also raise the level of your weapons which will increase its overall stats. This is good for bumping up lower-level gear if you really like using it. 

You can also improve the rarity of a weapon which is important for gaining more mod slots for that specific weapon.

Another crafting option you have is to swap the variant of the weapon. If you have an automatic rifle but wish it were three-round burst or single-shot here is where you can make that change.

Well, that’s everything you need to know about how to upgrade gear in Outriders. Be sure to check out the Prima Games Twitter and Facebook pages.


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