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How to Unlock Wizard Barley in Brawl Stars

by Josh Hawkins

There are quite a few brawlers for players to unlock in Brawl Stars, and each Brawler also has some special skins that players can equip to make their brawlers stand out even more. In fact, you can get your hands on a special skin for Barley by completing one simple task. Here’s what you need to know.

How to Unlock Wizard Barley

Wizard Barley is a special skin for Barley that players can unlock by linking their game to their Supercell ID. Players can use their Supercell ID to keep track of their progress in various Supercell games. To link your Supercell ID to Brawl Stars, all you’re going to need to do is head into the game.

Once in the game, look for the menu option on the far right-hand side of the game window. Having trouble finding the menu? Just look out for the three horizontal lines.

From the menu, look for the second row of options. You should see three options here to connect your Supercell ID, Connect Facebook, or connection your Google Play account. To unlock this skin you’re going to want to click on the Supercell ID button.

This will launch a window for you. Look for the Log In button, or if you haven’t registered for a Supercell ID, then you can do so by pressing the Register Now button.

Once you register, or log in, then you’ll be able be given a reward screen. Claim your reward to receive the Wizard Barley skin, as well as the original skin for Barley (if you haven’t unlocked Barley just yet). For more help make sure you also learn how to unlock more brawlers.

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