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How to Unlock New Modes in Brawl Stars

by Josh Hawkins

Brawl Stars is a new MOBA from Supercell that tasks players with competing in quick 3v3 matches. Of course, the default Gem Grab mode isn’t the only mode that players can unlock, and as you play you can also unlock the option to play even more modes like Showdown, Daily Events and even Special Events. But, how do you go about unlocking the new modes in Brawl Stars? Here’s what you need to know.

How to Unlock New Modes in Brawl Stars

The ability to unlock new modes in Brawl Stars is directly tied to how many trophies you have earned during your career. Trophies are earned by completing matches in Brawl Stars, and by completing challenges that you’re given. If you want to unlock the option to play more modes like Special Events and Showdown, then you’re going to need to dive in and start playing Gem Grab, the only mode available from the start.

Gem Grab is Brawl Stars’ most basic mode, and two teams of three players will face off against each other to collect and hold onto ten Gems, all while battling against the enemy team to stay alive. It’s a quick-burst game mode that challenges players to work together to succeed, and can be a great way to earn Trophies. Unfortunately, there’s no real key to winning lots of Trophies early on, which means you’ll need to grind your way up until you reach 30 Trophies and unlock Showdown.

In Showdown, players will face off against nine other brawlers in a bid to be the last person standing. If you can survive until the end and take out the other brawlers, then you can usually emerge with quite a few Trophies for your trouble, especially if you’re using a higher ranked brawler.

At the end of the day, unlocking new modes will be done by just normally playing through the game and leveling up. For help learning how to level up fast, make sure you check out our other Brawl Star guides to help you get a hang of the game and become a top tier brawler in no time!