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How to Unlock Every Weapon in Splatoon

by Prima Games Staff

This feature tells you how to unlock all of the weapons in Splatoon for the Wii U. In addition, we list the required level, price, Sub Weapon, Special Weapon and single player requirement, if any.  Use this guide to quickly unlock such weapons as the Dynamo Roller, Kelp Splat Charger and Jet Squelcher.

Each weapon in Splatoon has a unique Range, Ink Speed and Handling. This makes some weapons perfect for different modes and scenarios. Thankfully you can test fire these weapons while visiting Sheldon at the Ammo Knights shop in Inkopolis.   

Unfortunately you cannot buy these weapons right away. You must reach different levels to unlock them all, while some weapons will appear after you win boss fights in the single player mode and collect the Sunken Scrolls; we also have a guide to finding all of the Scrolls in Splatoon.  Even then, you’ll need lots of Power Eggs to buy everything. 

Below you’ll find all of the weapons. For more Splatoon coverage, read these tips to become better at the game, then learn about the different modes.

Splatoon Weapon Level Required Price Sub Weapon Special Weapon Single Player Scroll
Splattershot Jr. 1 N/A Splat Bomb Bubbler N/A
Slattershot 2 500 Burst Bomb Bomb Rush N/A
Custom Splattershot Jr. 2 800 Disruptor Echolocator Octostomp Scroll
Splat Roller 3 1,000 Suction Bomb Killer Wail N/A
Splat Charger 3 1,000 Splat Bomb Bomb Rush N/A
Tentatek Splattershot 4 2,000 Suction Bomb Inkzooza N/A
Kelp Splat Charger 4 2,500 Sprinkler Killer Wail Octonozzle Scroll
.52 Gal 5 3,000 Splash Wall Killer Wail N/A
Classic Squiffer 6 5,000 Point Sensor Bubbler N/A
Krak-On Splat Roller 7 3,000 Squid Beacon Kraken N/A
Aerospray MG 7 4,500 Seeker Inkzooza Octowhirl Scroll
Jet Squelcher 8 4,000 Splash Wall Inkstrike N/A
Blaster 9 3,500 Disruptor Killer Wail N/A
Splattershot Pro 10 8,000 Splat Bomb Inkstrike N/A
.52 Gal Deco 11 4,500 Seeker Inkstrike N/A
New Squiffer 11 4,500 Ink Mine Inkzooza Octomaw Scroll
.96 Gal 12 7,600 Sprinkler Echolocator N/A
Splatterscope 13 3,500 Splat Bomb Bomb Rush N/A
Aerospray RG 13 16,800 Ink Mine Inkstrike Octowhirl Scroll
Rapid Blaster 14 10,000 Ink Mine Bubbler N/A
Custom Jet Squelcher 15 7,900 Burst Bomb Kraken N/A
Dynamo Roller 15 7,900 Sprinkler Echolocator Octobot King Scroll
Dual Squelcher 16 9,800 Splat Bomb Echolocator N/A
Custom Blaster 17 6,800 Point Sensor Bubbler N/A
Kelp Splatterscope 17 7,800 Sprinkler Killer Wail N/A
E-Liter 3K 18 12,500 Burst Bomb Echolocator N/A
Rapid Blaster Deco 19 14,800 Suction Bomb Bomb Rush N/A
Forge Splattershot Pro 20 19,800 Point Sensor Inkzooza N/A
Gold Dynamo Roller 20 25,000 Splat Bomb Inkstrike Octobot King Scroll

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