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How to Uncap FPS for Realm Royale

by Josh Hawkins

Realm Royale is the latest battle royale game to storm computer systems around the world, and players who are diving in have been less than excited to find the game capped out at 150FPS. The good news is you can easily uncap the FPS in Realm Royale. So, here’s what you need to know to uncap FPS in Realm Royale.

How to Uncap FPS in Realm Royale

Before we get started, we do want to point out that uncapping your FPS in Realm Royale will require you to mess around in your game files some. If you aren’t comfortable doing this, then please do not try this. However, the process is actually pretty simple, so just follow our instructions if you feel comfortable messing around with your game files.

Find Your Game Files

First off, head to the install location of your Realm Royale game files. Depending on where you installed it to, this could be any kind of path like C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Realm Royale.

Once here, locate the RealmGame folder and open it up.

Now, find the Config folder and open it up.

Edit the DefaultEngine File

Now that you’re in the Config folder, locate a file called DefaultEngine and open it up in your computer’s Notepad application. There’s going to be quite a bit of information in this document, so press Control F on your keyboard and then search bSmoothFrameRate to find the option easily. Once you’ve found it, locate the option at the end and chance it from TRUE to FALSE. It should now look like this:


Now that you’ve done that, save the document and exit Notepad. Close out all the folders and then launch the game with an uncapped FPS. Will Realm Royale come to the PS4 or Nintendo Switch? Find out by checking out our article. You can also check out our guide to all the classes and abilities in Realm Royale for more information about the game.

We’ll continue to provide strategy content for Realm Royale as the weeks go by, so make sure you check back often to see the latest information, patch notes and more.


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