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How To Turn Off Permadeath and Activate Second Wind In We Happy Few

by Prima Games Staff

We Happy Few can be quite a tough game, as you pretty much bite the dust if you get noticed too much or knocked down by Wellington Wells’ citizens. Fortunately, there are two options you can take to make the game slightly easier.

First off, you have the option of turning off “permadeath,” meaning that you won’t actually die in the game if you’re overcome by the hooligans that are running wild with Joy. Essentially, you’ll just wake back up where you got knocked out, with all of the items you had before. However, you’ll need to recover some lost health as a result, so look for resources as soon as you can – food, water and, if you’re bleeding, something to patch up the pain. Get it done sooner rather than later, or you will bite the dust and start over.

Secondly, make sure you turn on Second Wind. You can select this when starting a new game, and it’ll help you survive skirmishes a little longer. Of course, we suggest trying to avoid fights as often as you can, but if you have this activated, instead of biting the dust in We Happy Few, you’ll go into a “dying state” where everything moves at a slower clip – but you’ll still be able to fight back for a little longer.

Good luck, and hopefully you’ll make it out in one piece! Maybe…

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