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How to Win a Location With 1 Card in Marvel Snap?

No cheesing here, sir.

by Nikola L

Yup. You’re here because you got that mission to win a location with just one card in Marvel Snap, and you can’t figure out ways to do that consistently. Well, we’re here to help, and there are some techniques that you can use to get this mission done.

Tips to Win a Location With One Card Mission in Marvel Snap?

Some people claim that it is possible to Retreat early in the game when you are leading at a location or two, but we couldn’t reproduce this and threw away a couple of cubes in these attempts. It does work if your opponent retreats, though.

So, we have to do this the hard way. We will provide you the tips about what cards and combos you can use to produce this result of winning the Location with a single card.

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  1. Infinaut
    Pretty simple, skip your turn five and slam it on an empty board on a totally unsuspecting enemy. People have gotten more aware of this card, so it’s hard to “sell” this tactic. You can try using Hulk or any similar beater.
  2. Forge and Nova, or Ka-Zar, Blue Marvel, and Onslaught.
    They are great for providing buffs to your cards from other parts of the board.
  3. Mister Fantastic and Klaw
    Great cards to provide a general Location buff from outside the Location. If you can amplify them, even better.
  4. Death, Devil Dinosaur, and Black Panther (with Arnim Zola, or without)
    These are my personal favorites for the task. Especially when a Location that duplicates the Ongoing or On Reveal effect comes around. Arnim Zola also duplicates Black Panther further. For Devil Dinosaur, consider having Moon Girl fill up your hand.
  5. Carnage, Deadpool, and Venom
    The self-destruct Trio in Marvel Snap. Carnage can devour up to three cards on a Location and become an 8-Power card. If Nova died in the process, then the Power becomes 9. Venom is better because he sucks up their Power.
    Deadpool is potentially the best if you can destroy him enough times.
  6. Hulk Buster
    It merges itself into a card, adding more Power.
  7. Namor
    He has a bonus if he is alone in the location.
  8. Shang-Chi
    Imagine your opponent playing four cards in a Hulk Lab and having 4 Hulks. Shang-Chi almost definitely wins that Location.

Move Deck can also produce such shenanigans with a couple of cards, including leaving Heimdall alone on the right side.

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