How to Use Vortex to Install Starfield Mods

Mod installation made super easy!

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Downloading mods for Starfield manually can be a tedious process and one that sometimes doesn’t feel like working. You have to contend with often convoluted downloading instructions along with variations between Game Pass and Steam installs. It’s all pretty messy. That’s where Vortex seeks to fix the problem, by creating a mod manager that makes installing mods much easier. Here’s how to use Vortex to install Starfield mods.

How to Install and Use Vortex for Starfield Mods

Before we begin, there are two things you’ll need. The first is the Vortex Mod Manager, which can be downloaded through its official NexusMods page. Follow the installation wizard once it’s downloaded, then launch the program. The other thing you’ll need to do is fix Archive Invalidation. Since that process can vary depending on whether you’re on Steam or Game Pass, I’ll let my article below do the talking.

Getting Set Up

Starfield Vortex Managed
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With both of those installed, you’re ready to start. With Vortex open, click the Games section on the left. You’ll see that you have no games managed, so you’ll want to type Starfield in the search bar and click Manage. From here, you’ll likely have to set the folder with your game install inside it manually. That folder can be found through the following methods:

  • Steam
    • Right-click on the game in your Steam library
    • Click Properties
    • Select Installed Files
    • Click Browse
  • Game Pass
    • Right-click Starfield on the sidebar
    • Click Manage
    • Swap over to Files
    • Click Browse
    • Double-click Starfield, then open Content
Starfield Vortex Mods
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Once you’ve chosen the file path in Vortex, the game will be set to Managed with zero active mods. From here, you’ll want to find a mod that you want to install on NexusMods. On the mod page will be an option to download through Vortex, which you’ll, of course, want to do. This might open Vortex, then list the mod in the Mods section of the program.

If the mod says Enabled in the window, then you should be good to go. If it doesn’t, you may need to fiddle with things a bit on this page to get it working. Once it does finally say Enabled, head in-game and your mod should be active!

How Do You Remove Mods Using Vortex?

Starfield Vortex Remove Mod
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If you’ve decided that you aren’t happy with the mod you installed for Starfield, then removing it is easy enough. To do so, head back to Vortex and into the Mods section again. For whichever mod you want to remove, click the Remove button and you’ll be prompted to either remove the mod, or remove it and its Archive on your mods list. You only want the Archive option deselected if you’re deleting and reinstalling the mod to troubleshoot. Otherwise, enable this and click Remove to take it out of Vortex.

If you’re on the hunt for some great mods, check out our guide on the five best performance mods for Starfield.

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