How to Use Up All Available Oxygen in Starfield

You better start running.

Starfield Exploring Barren Planets
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Starfield can ask you to do very strange things in the pursuit of progress. Some can involve trying to help someone prevent a vibrating tree from causing serious damage to a city, others can ask you to collect some strange objects that seem to orbit a central point for reasons not entirely clear. Yeah, there’s definitely mystery to this space game. One such request the game makes of you isn’t very clear in its wording, but is easy enough once you understand it. Here’s how to use up all available oxygen in Starfield.

How to Level Up the Fitness Skill in Starfield

We won’t beat around the bush. The reason you’re here is for the Fitness skill’s level up in Starfield, asking you to use up all available oxygen a certain amount of times to unlock access to the next rank. You’ll notice, though, that when using all available oxygen, it doesn’t count as progress toward the rank up. That’s because the wording is a bit funky.

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While it asks you to use up all available oxygen, it actually wants you to use all oxygen and max out your CO2 meter x amount of times. This is the red bar that shows up on your O2 meter after you’ve maxed out your oxygen usage. Do this, and you’ll gain progress towards the next step in the quest.

Is The Fitness Skill Worth Leveling in Starfield?

Since you’re going through this rather strange and tedious process, you may be wondering if the upgrades are worth it. Given the amount of oxygen you can get, along with that crispy upgrade at Rank 4, I’d say it’s worth putting in the extra time. What you lose in time sprinting longer now, you’ll make up for later with more oxygen to run with and less oxygen being spent.

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