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How to Use the Mendez Fake Eye in Resident Evil 4 Remake

Eye think this guide can help you.

by Shawn Robinson
Resident Evil 4 Basement

Across your entire playthrough of Resident Evil 4 Remake, you’ll come across many items both useful and useless in your quest to escape with Ashley Graham. These items are stored in your seemingly endless item inventory (not the attache case items). One of these items has some slight confusion behind it, but is useful. Here’s how to use the Mendez Fake Eye in Resident Evil 4 Remake.

Where to Use the Mendez Fake Eye in Resident Evil 4 Remake

You’re gifted the Mendez Fake Eye upon taking down Bitores Mendez, the bioweapon that you encounter inside the burning farmhouse. After he transforms into his Las Plagas variant, Leon is forced to take him down as the building collapses around him. Once he dies, Ashley yells at you to escape the barn. Some of the more eagle-eyed players out there likely grabbed the eye off of his corpse before jumping out.

Once you have the eye, you’ll want to head to the first Merchant you can find. Going to the sell menu of his shop, you’ll be able to sell this eye for a healthy amount of pesetas. Sadly, that is all the eye is used for. No strange lock that only the eye can open, no puzzle piece that is completed with the eye. It’s an unusual move for a Resident Evil game, but you’ll surely appreciate the pesetas regardless.

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Be sure to keep track of what items show up in the Merchant’s sell menu. Some older key items like keys that don’t have a use anymore can be sold for pesetas, giving a small boost here and there as you progress through the game. You’ll also find certain weapons you can buy, like shotguns which you can read more about in our guide on the best one.

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