How to Use Precognition in Starfield

Knowing how to handle a conversation before it happens.

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Starfield has an incredible Power system very similar to Skyrim’s shouts, which you’ll learn about early on in the game. It can be confusing figuring out how to use certain Powers, so here’s how to use the Precognition Power in Starfield.

How to Activate the Precognition Power in Starfield

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Precognition can be found on the lower right side of the Power screen, asking for 35 Power to be used of your 60 maximum energy. Once you have it equipped or in your Favorites menu, you want to press either the Z key or both LB and RB on controller at the same time while looking at the character you’re trying to speak to. If it’s in your Favorites menu, you’ll need to press the corresponding key or button. Once that’s done, begin speaking with the character.

As you open the dialogue menu, you’ll notice a new box included when hovering over any of the dialogue options. This won’t be exactly what the NPC will say, but it’s roughly the same idea of what they’re going to say in response. This is useful when dealing with key conversations, such as with your companions when they ask to speak with you.

Is the Precognition Power Worth It?

We don’t think the Precognition Power is worth it at all. We used the Precognition Power when we first got it ourselves but after a couple of times, it went off our main Power setup, and we haven’t used it since. However, it may be a good power to use if you’re really invested in controlling conversations, and if you want an easier time stealthing in missions.

How to Get Precognition in Starfield

Precognition might potentially be helpful for predicting NPC dialogue. You’ll be able to unlock Precognition by completing the light puzzle at Temple Iota. These are super easy puzzles, as you’ll only need to fly and touch the light clusters that appear. Unfortunately, Temple Iota’s location is randomized, so you’ll have to check various planets and moons on foot. Make sure to scan your surroundings too.

If you’re looking for more help with Powers, check out our Power tier list for Starfield.

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