How to Use Practice Configs for CS2

Save your time using Config files.

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Config files are necessary when you want to practice, as they save you time by including all the commands within one file. You don’t have to type in commands every time you load into a map with the help of a config file. These commands get executed by themself when you load the config file. In this guide, we will teach you how to properly use config files and load them in CS2.

How to Use and Load Practice Configs in CS2

To use practice configs in CS2, you first need to make a config file with all the commands that you need to use while practicing. Once you have created a config file in Notepad, save it as a practice.cfg file.

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Next, follow these steps to move the file to the CS2 config folder:

  • Copy your practice.cfg file.
  • Navigate to where your game is installed and then steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\game\csgo\cfg folder.
  • Once there, paste the config file.

After that, start the game normally and load into a map of your choice by going to Play -> Practice -> Go. Once you load into the map, open your console using the Tilda button (~). Type in the command exec practice and press Enter.

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The config file with all the commands will get loaded into the game, and now you can start practicing. If you want to be sure that the config file has been loaded or not, type in the command echo “Config Loaded!” in your practice.cfg file.

Once you load the practice config with the exec command, you will see the line “Config Loaded!” in the console. If you don’t see this line in the console, it means that you have not pasted the config file into the right folder or the config file has unknown commands.

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