How to Unlock the Witchfinder’s Station Computer in Alan Wake 2

There's a bonkers government conspiracy afoot

There’s no shortage of secrets in Alan Wake 2. To uncover a few, here’s how to unlock the Witchfinder’s Station Computer in Alan Wake 2.

What is the Password to the Witchfinder’s Station Computer in Alan Wake 2

Once the waters recede after you defeat Nightingale, you’ll find that much of Cauldron Lake is open for you to explore. And the Witchfinder’s Station, which can be accessed as soon as that boss fight is complete at the tail end of Return 2: The Heart, is well worth the visit.

Not only does it have an assortment of collectibles, from deer heads to Nursery Rhyme dolls, it also has a computer full of secrets.

This computer can be found in the main room on the bottom floor of the Witchfinder’s Station, across from the fireplace. And the password is very close by. It’s on the post-it note attached to the computer screen. The only problem is you can’t examine it, and the flashlight’s glare on the yellow makes it very hard to read the numbers.

The password code for the Witchfinder’s Station computer is 2547, as it’s written on the post-it note.

Now you don’t have to bother burning out your eyes or squinting to see what it could say.

The moment you input these numbers into the computer, you’ll be able to access two emails. These e-mails seem to involve the Nursery Rhyme dolls, which are scattered around the area. By reading the second email, you’ll get a new piece of evidence to use for your Nursery Rhymes case board in Saga’s Mind Place.

It’s also worth noting that there’s a file for the Federal Bureau of Control beside the computer, too. What exactly is happening in Bright Falls? If you want to be sure you grab everything you can, check out our guide on all missable collectibles in Alan Wake 2 and how to get them here.

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