How to Unlock the Ghost Perk in MW3

Remember to keep moving or that perk won't get any value

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Ghost is easily one of the best perks in the Call of Duty franchise and a must-have if you enjoy your sneaky flanks. Here’s how to unlock the Ghost Perk in Modern Warfare 3.

How to Unlock the Ghost Perk in MW3

To unlock the Ghost Perk, you’ll need to get Ghost T/V Camo from the Armory after reaching level 25.

Ghost is a perk that’s seen some evolutions over the years. But the spirit of it remains the same. It’s a perk that keeps you off the enemy radar when a UAV, the most common and omnipresent of all killstreaks, is in the air. And if you like sneaking behind your enemy, perhaps with a suppressed weapon, then it’s a must-have perk.

The Ghost Perk in Modern Warfare 3 is now called the Ghost T/V Camo. It’s a perk that can only be equipped once you’ve unlocked the armory and completed a challenge.

After reaching level 25, the armory will automatically be unlocked. When you’re on the multiplayer menu, look to the left of the screen. You’ll see your Daily Challenges. And now, beneath that, you’ll see an armory unlock challenge and the option to change that armor unlock challenge.

Press the button associated with that challenge, which should be stated beside “Select New Armory Unlock Challenge”. This will bring you to a screen full of potential Armory Unlocks. Select Ghost T/V Camo to start working your way towards unlocking the Ghost perk in MW3.

To unlock the Ghost T/V Camo, you’ll need to complete three Daily Challenges. However, if you’ve already completed your Daily Challenges for the day when you unlock the armory, it will not count towards unlocking the Ghost T/V Camo challenge. You’ll just have to wait until the next!

Once you’ve completed all three daily challenges for the Ghost T/V Camo, you’ll then need to go into your loadouts. From there, you’ll need to navigate to Gear. Ghost T/V camo will then be found beneath the tab Perks.

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