Wondering how to get your Animal Crossing: New Horizons character looking a whole lot more like you, or a whole lot less like you depending on your preferences? That's all well and good, but you're going to have to know how to unlock more character customization options in the game. Here's how to do all of that.

How to Unlock More Character Customization Options in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

While the character creator for Animal Crossing: New Horizons was much more robust when it came to initial offerings in comparison to other entries in the series, it really is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to customizing your character in the game. I mean, people are out here putting eyebrows on their mayors when the game doesn't even give you that option natively - talk about creative! Here's our guide on how people are accomplishing that if you're interested. Now, back to the matter at hand. It's possible to unlock more character customization in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, specifically in the form of more hair options. 

So, hair. This is honestly one of the largest personality indicators in the game outside of your fashion, and we're talking strictly in terms of color and form here. If you want to customize your hair even further beyond the default looks provided by the character creator, then you can do so by purchasing additional hair color and hair style options from the Nook Stop inside Residential Services. You can get the following to further switch up how your Island Representative looks from the Nook Stop, and we've also listed how much they cost from the Nook Stop:

  • Top 8 Pop Hairstyle - 2,400 Nook Miles
  • Top 8 Cool Hairstyles - 2,400 Nook Miles
  • Top 8 Stylish Hair Colors - 3,000 Nook Miles

Once you've purchased those character customization options, all that's left is to go to a mirror somewhere and to change up your look! Picking them up via Nook Miles in the manner described above will unlock them for use immediately when ti comes to your character's appearance. How convenient. 

Now that you have our guide on how to unlock more character customization options in Animal Crossing New Horizons, it's just a simple matter of getting the requisite Nook Miles to upgrade your look. We're honestly a huge fan of the new hair colors, and made that our first priority so why don't you come on down and check those out for yourself! If you're sick of your mates having fun because you don't have a copy of the game yet, why don't you pick one up here via Amazon and support Prima Games while you're at it? Need a hand with anything else in Animal Crossing: New Horizons? Have a look at these other tips and tricks that we've put together for Island Representatives like yourself in our dedicated guides hub for the game: