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How to Unlock All Weapons in XDefiant

Unlock all the weapons in XDefiant by completing these simple challenges.

XDefiant offers an arsenal of weapons that you can unlock by completing their respective challenges. In this guide, we will cover all the weapons in the game and what challenges you need to complete to unlock them.

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All Weapons in XDefiant and How to Unlock Them

The weapons in XDefiant are divided into seven categories, where some you will get at the start of the game and others you will need to complete certain challenges to unlock. There are 24 weapons in total, so you will need to do some grinding to unlock all of them in XDefiant.

Here is the list of all weapons in the game and the challenges you need to complete to unlock them:

Assault Rifles

WeaponHow to Unlock
M4A1Unlocked from the start.
AK-47Deal 4,000 damage with any Assault Rifle.
ACR 6.8Get 10 kills from more than 30 meters with an Assault Rifle.
M16A4Get 20 Headshot Kills with an Assault Rifle.
MDRUnlocked from the Battle Pass.
Table of challenges for Assault Rifles


WeaponHow to Unlock
MP5A2Unlocked from the start.
Vector .45 ACPDeal 10,000 damage with any SMG.
P90Get 10 Hipfire Kills with an SMG.
MP7Kill 10 enemies from point-blank range with an SMG.
Table of challenges for SMGs


WeaponHow to Unlock
M870Unlocked from the start.
Double BarrelGet 10 Hipfire Kills with a Shotgun.
AA-12Kill 15 enemies from point-blank range with a Shotgun.
Table of challenges for Shotguns


WeaponHow to Unlock
M249Unlocked from the start.
M60Deal 5,000 damage to enemy equipment with an LMG.
RPK-74Deal 10,000 damage with an LMG.
Table of challenges for LMGs

Sniper Rifles

WeaponHow to Unlock
M44Unlocked from the start.
TAC-50Kill 10 enemies with one shot using any Sniper Rifle.
Table of challenges for Sniper Rifles

Marksman Rifles

WeaponHow to Unlock
MK 20 SSRUnlocked from the start.
SVDGet 15 kills from more than 30 meters with a Marksman Rifle.
Table of challenges for Marksman Rifles

Handguns/Secondary Weapon

WeaponHow to Unlock
M9Unlocked from the start.
686 MagnumGet 5 quick-swap kills with any Secondary Weapon.
M1911Kill 4 enemies from point-blank range with a Secondary Weapon.
93RSprint 240 seconds with a Secondary Weapon in hand.
D50Deal 1,000 damage to the enemy with a Secondary Weapon.
Table of challenges for Handguns/Secondary Weapon

And that is all of the weapons you can unlock by completing the above challenges, other than the MDR Assault Rifle, which you can only unlock by getting the battle pass.

Unlike other similar games, it is easier to unlock weapons in XDefiant. The challenges are simple to complete, and it takes no time to unlock all the weapons from each category. You can even unlock all the weapons from a category in a single match if you focus only on completing the challenges.

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