How to Turn Off Discovery Quests in The Sims 4

No more tutorials!

How to Turn Off Discovery Quests in The Sims 4
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Brand-new and returning The Sims 4 players can benefit from using discovery quests to get a quick refresher on important game mechanics. However, if you’ve been playing for years, you may already know these things and don’t need a reminder, leading to you turning them off altogether.

How to Disable Discovery Quests in The Sims 4

To turn off The Sims 4’s discovery quests, go into your main menu, select Game Options, and check the “Enable Discovery Quests” box under Tutorial and Tips. By doing this, you’ll no longer find the discovery quest pop-ups in your in-game phone, allowing you to play the game without tutorials.

Turning off discovery quests doesn’t disable other phone notifications, though. You’ll still receive regular phone calls from NPCs and event invitations, as usual. The only difference is that discovery quests will no longer appear, giving you fewer notifications overall.

If you turn off discovery quests at any time and wish to complete them later, you can head back into this menu and enable them, allowing you to resume as usual.

Alternatively, you have two options if you’ve already finished a few discovery quests but need a refresher on their features:

  • Check your lessons for tips on particular gameplay mechanics.
  • Reset your discovery quests by clicking the reset button in the tutorial menu.

However, you won’t gain additional rewards for repeating discovery quests; the main purpose is to refresh your memory on specific topics like money-making, fulfilling your Sim’s basic needs, and completing aspirations. In particular, lessons can help you learn more about other mechanics discovery quests don’t cover, such as skill and expansion-specific features.

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