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How to Start a Mythic Dungeon in WoW Dragonflight

Sorry, you'll have to walk there.

by David Morgan

So, you’ve tackled the new zone, gotten some pretty decent Rare gear, learned the basics of your class, and you’re ready for more. Not to be presumptuous but I’ll assume you’re new to World of Warcraft – welcome! You’ve probably heard about Mythic Dungeons, or even Mythic+, Seasons, yadda yadda. For now, let’s work on dipping our toes in. Here’s how to start a Mythic Dungeon in WoW Dragonflight.

How to Start a Mythic Dungeon in Dragonflight

First things first, what’s a Mythic Dungeon? Well, put simply, it’s just a difficulty of Dungeon that’s a step up from Heroic. There’s just one catch: you can’t use the automated Group Finder to join one. So we’re going to have to use a couple more braincells for now.

Find out what the current Mythics are: Open your Adventure Guide, found in the bottom UI menu containing your Character screen. At the bottom, locate the tab that says Dungeons and click it. From here, you’ll be able to see which Dungeons are currently available for Mythic difficulty by navigating to the current Dragonflight season at the top-right.

Screenshot via Prima Games

Set your Dungeon Difficulty to Mythic: Right click your Character Portrait, scroll to Dungeon Difficulty, and select Mythic.

Find a group: This is the tricky part. Either using the Group Finder’s search function, Trade Chat, or good old-fashioned friends, form yourself a group of comrades as you would for any 5-man activity.

Find the entrance: Yep, no more sitting in queue and teleporting inside. You’ll need to locate the entrance to the dungeon and fly there with at least one other person if you want to summon the lazybones in the group. If you’re running a legacy dungeon (a Mythic dungeon from past expansions), portals to their respective zones can be found in Valdrakken, near the bottom of the large stairs, to the left of the Great Vault.

Step inside: Good luck, have fun!

If this is your first experience in the wonderful world of Mythic Dungeons, I wish you a safe journey. Add good friends, ignore salty babies, and do your very best.