How to Speed Up Fortnite Queue Times

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Fortnite is going back to basics, and it seems like players can’t get enough. However, it may be a while before you can get in, so trying to speed up queue times could help you get onto the battlefield quicker than ever.

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Can You Get Into Queues Faster In Fortnite?

With the return of the original map, players are flocking back to the game in unbelievable numbers, so you may find yourself waiting in a queue longer than expected. However, there are a few tips that we have that could help you get into the game faster, so let’s get ready to board the battle bus together.

The first thing we can recommend is not to exit the game once you are waiting in the queue. If you lose your spot in line, you’ll find yourself waiting in the back again, which is the last thing we would want to experience. Once you have selected your game mode, you’re going to want to commit to the spot and stay waiting.

However, if you find yourself waiting for nearly or over an hour, it might be time to reset the matchmaking prompts and reenter the queue once again. While this may not sound ideal, it could help you get into a new queue of players and get into the game quicker. However, you’ll have to start the waiting process once again to finally get into a game.

If you’re not committed to the game type that you chose, you could always jump into a less popular mode and see if you can jump into a game quickly. For example, while I personally prefer Zero Build, I could try logging into the standard Battle Royale queue to see if fewer players are trying to access it. You may need to give an inch to receive a mile, so try playing a different mode for a while until the player count starts to dwindle a little bit more.

The final, and most realistic, option that you’ll have is to be patient. With the return of the OG Fortnite Map, plenty of players are trying to access the game, and there is likely a ton of stress on the servers. This could cause issues for all players, and everyone is experiencing the same amount of time waiting. So while it’s extremely exciting to visit Risky Reels once again, just be patient and you’ll be ready to start racking up Victory Royales in no time.

Fortnite is an exciting game, and it’s even better if you know how to overcome the challenges that are waiting for you. Be sure that you learn how to combat the error codes 91 and 93 before you jump in by checking out our Fortnite section below, and find out even more about your favorite Battle Royale while you wait to get into your next match.

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