How to Sneak in Baldur’s Gate 3 – BG3 Stealth Guide

Hide in the shadows and catch your foes by surprise.

Baldur's Gate 3 how to sneak and stealth guide
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Baldur’s Gate 3’s stealth mechanics can make a huge difference between launching deadly sneak attacks and fumbling through the shadows. Here’s a comprehensive Baldur’s Gate 3 stealth guide, including how to sneak, the best stealth classes, and how to make the most of it in combat.

How Does Sneaking and Stealth Rolls in Baldur’s Gate 3? – Stealth Guide

To sneak in Baldur’s Gate 3, press C on your keyboard to hide, or select the hide icon in your spell hotbar. Doing this highlights the ground in red, indicating NPC lines of sight. If you hide in this red area, your character will perform Hiding Checks, with dexterity improving your odds of success.

You can also hold left shift on PC or R3 on PS5 to check enemy sneak cones before moving forward. If you see an opening to venture on, you can quickly move here before entering turn-based mode and beginning your stealth mission.

Tips for Staying Stealthy

If you’re struggling to sneak around without NPCs spotting you instantly, below are some tips to follow to make things easier:

  1. Use turn-based mode to make precise movements and help you avoid NPC sneak cones.
  2. Move one character at a time so someone doesn’t accidentally enter enemy sight.
  3. If you’re going on a solo stealth mission, use a character with high dexterity and stealth proficiency.
  4. Keep your party nearby in case things go south.

Using turn-based mode to maneuver your characters around the red NPC sneak cones carefully will help you avoid casting hiding checks altogether. Be careful where you’re standing at the end of your turn since enemies naturally move around and can shift their attention toward you quickly.

If you want to be extra cautious, bring only one character along for the ride and have the rest nearby in case you need them.

However, you’re partially at the mercy of the dice. Even with a highly proficient rogue sneaking past an enemy, you can easily get into unexpected trouble if you fail your hiding check.

Best Stealth Classes

While every class can sneak around the map, some are more proficient than others. In particular, rogues and rangers are your best bet. Starting with one of these two classes and focusing on improving your dexterity and stealth will give you a massive advantage in navigating sneaky situations.

Alternatively, if you’re on a solo stealth mission and want to ensure you’ll get out safely, use Astarion in your party. As a rogue with dexterity as his primary attribute, he’ll generally have a much easier time sneaking around than a heavy armor barbarian or paladin.

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